1-20-2017 The End of an Error


January 20, 2017 | 4:41 AM

1-20-2017 The End of an Error

1-20-2017 The End of an Error

Seal of ObamaSeems like another lifetime ago when Comrade Barry was sworn into office. Eight years of lying, deceit, obfuscation, partisan politics, race bating, executive overreach, financial irresponsibility, Constitutional shredding, along with an incomprehensible level of incompetence for economics 101 that the nation has not seen in its history.

The worst part – I don’t think Barry ever gave a damn about anyone in the nation other than the elite vampires that supported his rise. While it is a documented fact that he hates whitey, blacks have fared even worse under BHO. You have to go back to the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s and the early 70’s to find worse for black America economically. Blue collar labor – Barry did not give a thought to sending their jobs overseas. Latinos may think the Dream Act was his gift to them, but had BO really wanted real, legal, long lasting change then he would have got off his ass and worked with Congress to make changes. Instead “… he had a pen and a phone…” to work his magic of Executive Orders that he KNEW would not pass Supreme Court review. It was all a game.


The Anointed One

Ahh, the great savior of the lands and oceans….. and us peon human beings. He would heal all, starting with insuring the underprivileged masses with  universal health care better known as ObamaCare. Just one problem – neither he or any of the Congressional morons that created the Affordable Care Act knew a thing about insurance. They were not experienced in any manner of rating, underwriting, actuarial, claims, or sales processes of a product that is interweaved into 1/6 of the economy. Did that stop these idiots from ruining health insurance and begin the cratering of US medicine? Hell, no it didn’t! Of course, this behemoth is now collapsing in on itself and Trump and the new Congress have just enough time to salvage this.

In case anyone with a brain was wondering why this was ever done: If you read the 1000 plus page law of the ACA (I did), then you knew from the start that the goal was to end private insurance as we know it to replace it with a one payer system such as Medicare. Then, when the masses have no other options but this payment method, then Big Bro was going to step in and really direct your life. Mrs. BHO’s school lunch program was a glimpse into the future of food for you and me. Control of what you ate, how you did or did not exercise, life choices, etc., would be a governing part of how, when and IF you got medical treatment. Doubt me – READ THE DAMN BILL! Then go back and think of all the “new questions” your healthcare provider started asking after this catastrophe was made into law.



What, me worry?

For all of the Cupcake Nation who can’t find jobs after college, you can thank Barry for that one too. Strangle business with regulations, pick and choose what industries can make money, have the highest tax rates on the planet, and you wonder why it was called the Great Recession? When you don’t have the capacity to know how to engage the US economic engine, you get the anemic GDP rates that this administration has known. No other president in modern history has EVER had this low of GDP where one quarter did not hit 3% growth. Took Obama to set that watermark.


With lousy growth, came lower revenues. Did that stop this moron from going on a drunken spending spree? Nope, that is why he became Barry the Borrower and we now have 20 Trillion in debt. Combine all of these factors and you have a lousy jobs market.

George and his pet

To illustrate my rant to this point, BHO made comments during the summer about Carrier moving 2000 jobs out of the country. His comments were to the effect that “… you can’t wave a wand…” and fix the issue. While that is true, you can get off your dead ass and make an effort, kind of like the one Trump made to Carrier BEFORE being sworn in. President who cares – will be Trump; one who could not give a rats ass – Obama and the proof is in the economic numbers no matter how you bake them.



Pardon me – PLEASE!!

Guess there is one class of people who fared well under this idiot – that would be the criminal element. Whether it was returning terrorists to the battle field in cleaning out Gitmo, commuting sentences for drug dealers, promoting the criminal element that is Black Lives Matter, openly starting a war on the police in this nation, swapping terrorist for traitors (Bergdahl – and yes I am aware that no pardon came, but the SOB is still a traitor and got a 5 for 1 swap), or pardoning Bradley/Chelsea Manning for spilling state secrets – the Obama Years (not to be confused with the Wonder Years) have been the best for criminals in modern history. Only big criminal left without a pass is HRC……



The World According to Barry

Of course, while I could write for days on the mistakes of our 44th POTUS, I’ll wrap this rant on Obama’s reign of terror with his foreign policy. God, where do you start? Isolating Israel, giving Iran nuclear tech, Leaving Iraq in a vacuum, creating Isis, Benghazi, the Russian Reset, cozying up to Chavez, kissing Castro’s ass….. It’s like the Energizer Bunny – it just keeps going and going and going……. Oh, and let’s not forget why I call him Barry the Butcher – his direct hand in the Civil War in Syria over natural gas. Go back and read my December 7, 2016 blog on Blood, Energy, & Nation Building to get the refresher on this.

I am not sure this man is not the Anti Christ. No one person can do this much intentional damage and not be Satan.

That’ll piss off the libtards….



The End of an Error

Barry was an example of what the liberal media desires to promote – a hard leftist agenda taking rights away from you and me, all while demeaning us at the same time. The BHO reign of terror was not unsurprising for those that took him for what he was – an elitist liberal who never worked a real job (community organizer) and followed the footsteps of radicals. His church preached hate and Barry hates the US. He did not do squat in the Illinois State Senate nor did accomplish anything as a US Senator, yet none of this stopped the liberal media from promoting and fawning over him after helping to get him elected.

IF you have any doubt, just go back and replay the past two months since Trump won and all of the crap the left has pulled – showing their true selves.

IF you don’t think the liberals, the Democrat Nazis, and liberal press won’t attempt to make the same error again – just wait till 2018.

January 20, 2017.

The End of an Error.