2010 – The Year Hope & Change Actually Happened


December 31, 2010 | 6:52 PM

2010 – The Year Hope & Change Actually Happened

2010 – The Year Hope & Change Actually Happened

For all of us, the United States of America changed on November 4, 2008. The cloaked communist Barak Obama, unvetted and unchallenged on his radical past by the liberal media, was able to pull off the hoax of the century and be elected to the most powerful position in the free world. His campaign of “Hope & Change” was the mantra that has since made the simple utterance or scribing of the very words like having acid poured on the tongue for conservatives.

We watched as he and the liberal communist in control of Congress began to shred the Constitution through government take over of private industry sectors, encroaching on states rights, attempting to bypass the 2nd Amendment with back door UN agreements, passing budgets that required mountains of debt  to fund, as well as the beginnings of the legislative forms of Cap & Trade and Obamacare. Every American was going be told how they would live with less energy and higher costs to prevent “climatechange”. By nationalizing healthcare, Americans were going to be regulated on being forced to purchase insurance – a broad interpretation of the Commerce Clause at the least. Not only would Obamacare force you to buy insurance, the legislation itself would be the beginning of how to regulate what America eats, how it cares for itself, goes to the doctor, as well as how to provide “end of life” counseling for those pesky people who just refuse to die.

And this was just 2009…..

Years from now Obama may go down in history for something that I am sure he never intended – single-handedly resurging conservatism in America. He did the one thing that no one since Carter had done and that was to scare the hell out of the silent majority. Carter was just inept and stupid. Obama is a dyed in the wool communist that hates what America stands for: personal responsibility, capitalism, exceptionalism, & independence from the power of the iron fisted state. Since his swearing into office, Obama has been on a quest to destroy this nation and everything it stands for. He thought the nation was liberal enough for his plan and forgot that the conservatives have been napping on the couch.

Not anymore.

The emergence of the Tea Party, 912 Groups, and other conservative factions in 2009 was the beginning of something special. People who had been in the cycle of working, living, raising a family, paying taxes, and trusting in a political system that had become rotten with decay realized they had to change their lives politically to save our great nation. I fall into that category myself. We were unorganized and inexperienced, but we brought intelligence and drive to the political arena that neither majority party could have foreseen. The Democrats called us racist and the Republicans called us stupid and ignorant of the process of politics. Both parties were wrong and could not conceive of the political tsunami headed their way.

The wave started with national grass-roots efforts in the NY 23 Special Election in 2009 to replace John McHugh with Doug Hoffman over NRCC backed RINO Dede Scozzafava. Scozzafava could not win the race, so she showed true RINO colors by backing the Democrat candidate Bill Owens. This was a true act of treason to conservatives as the NRCC had not only endorsed a candidate in Scozzafava that supported same-sex marriage, card check, and abortion, but received over $900000.00 in financial support as well. This split in the Republican Party – Traditionalist versus RINO’s, cost what had been a GOP seat to Democrats and gave one more vote to Obama and his minions. When Owens won the race, it was clear signal that the Republican Party needed an enema in leadership and candidate selection.

January 1, 2010 began the rally to “change” politics as usual. First, we picked up a couple of breaks early in the year. Republican Chris Christie was sworn in as Governor of New Jersey in 2010 as a signal that America had indeed taken a shift to the right. Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts seat held by Ted Kennedy for forever. While Brown is not by any means a staunch conservative, he is an improvement over Kennedy. By now, conservative groups realized the Republican Party was the closest thing to a conservative party but it needed major overhauling. The primaries were where that change could happen – get rid of the RINO before they can elected by conservatives still in slumber on their couches in November. Candidates were recruited and funds were solicited for the Change in 2010. While the primaries were not all successes, the ground work was laid in the spring of 2010 that led to the rout in November. Obama, Reid, & Pelosi and the liberal communists in the 111th Congress were thoroughly rejected on November 2, 2010. The words “hope & change” can now be reclaimed by conservatives – it has been revoked from Barry O and the Obamanites.

So what lies in store for 2011?  Well, they are two levels to watch – federal and state. On the federal level, hope that the changes in people sent to DC will promote and defend the conservative agenda that they campaigned on and got them elected. Hope that this new Congress can begin the process of repealing, financially strangling, or doing whatever it takes to stop the damage done by the 111th Congress. We know it will take more election cycles and years to correct the damage done by Obama and the 111th Congress.  On the state level, the issue of states rights and other federal assaults did not play as heavy in 2010 elections as they will in 2012. That does not mean the state levels went unnoticed, but a simple reality that the focus was on the federal level and not enough resources were minding the state races. 2011 will be the year that eyes will carefully watch the US Capital and State Capitals. The carnage against RINO’s in the Republican Party will intensify in anticipation of 2012, as conservative groups are now well-organized and are getting the funds to make serious inroads on political candidate recruitment.

So buckle up, eat your Wheaties, and get ready one wild ride for 2011.

You should have had a Merry Christmas, as that is screw up proof. Please have a healthy and Happy New Year.