2012 – Looking for grace under pressure


January 2, 2012 | 9:03 PM

2012 – Looking for grace under pressure

2012 – Looking for grace under pressure

I can only think of 2 numerical years in the since World War II that have had more pressure on them then the year we are now in. George Orwell made 1984 the first year people observed with a jaded eye. For 1984 to have been realized, we would have had to have already been living in a totalitarian state by the time the date rolled around. While those that hated Ronald Reagan in the 80’s certainly may have thought such rubbish, none existed in the US or on a global scale during the point in time.

The next self created numeral calender year panic was 1999 leading up to the year 2000. We all can remember how the technical world was going to crash us back to the stone age when the clock struck midnight and 2000 rolled in. Computers would go on the fritz, ATM’s would start spitting out money, cats sleeping with dogs – you remember. As it all turned out, the world did not crash and burn.

Now we enter into 2012. It has already had plenty of publicity of the year it will be. Of course, we all know the Mayan calender ends on 12-21-2012 and many have prophesized about how it means the end of days. While this may be a year that is full of wierd stuff – it will not be the end of days. That wonderful movie 2012 had some neat special effects, but is otherwise one big pile of baloney.

What 2012 will be is one of the most tumultuous political years we will witness as a free nation. With a national and global economy in the tank, US debt at an all time high, and political activism on both sides of the aisle getting cranked up, this is certain to be a year in which all the stops are pulled out leading up to November 2012 and political change in the United States and our next President. For liberals, it is the reelection of Barry. He has been the answer to their dreams of what they percieve are the ills in America. For those that are ready to get the nation back on the path of the Constitution, it is the ousting of Obama that must be the crown jewel of what should be a very good year for conservatives.

2012 has political pressure being placed on it similar to years when the world was at war.  The pressure of political polarization is at the root of the issue. It is not just the US that is politically polarized, but the entire globe. Those that have worked together on a global basis to bring a “One World Order” with forced socialism, economic manipulation, and taxes out the wazoo (of which Barry was the final puppet put in place) are seeing the first legitimate challenge to their power in 40 years by conservatives across the globe.  Yes, friends, America is still seen as the Shining City on the hill. America is still viewed as the guardian of freedom and justice. If America is allowed to sink into the socialist mire and economic havoc that accompanies it, then the globe loses hope. The political defeat of Barack H Obama will not just spell freedom here in the US, but will ring throughout socialist catacombs around the globe.

The pressure 0n 2012 will be to keep the political process from sliding completely into the mud. Money will pour into this election from all over the globe funding efforts on both sides. The ads this year will most likely be the nastiest we will ever bear witness to because the stakes are high as ever. Obama is the last hope for communists and socialists in the US. Nature took FDR from them, Vietnam brought down LBJ, and Carter’s sheer incompetence ushered him out the door. Clinton was smart enough to recognize radical change to bring in commie agendas does not make for reelection campaign success. Clinton was never the liberal lion as President he would have been if his supporting cast in Congress had remained the same. So their hope is pinned on Barry. But Obama has been such a disaster on so many levels that the commies and socialists know this is their last chance in the US for a least a generation. They will pull out every trick in the bag to help keep him in office. Remember the Black Panthers in Philadelphia in 2008? Barry himself is a true, blue, socialist believer and will play this election out in stunning liberal colors. He will play the race card, class warfare, labor versus corporations, etc. Somewhere along the line a great big cast iron sink will be thrown out for effect.

While I have very little doubt of an Obama defeat in November, what scares me more is that I think he is ready for it. I think he has his eyes on a bigger prize. Barry is thinking global – literally. While he is a puppet, the man does have charisma and he is worshipped in parts of the globe. He will pour everything into this campaign to ensure some prize at the end of the game. Whether it is the US Presidency or something relating to the UN, EU or whatever gets created to satisfy his ego, Obama will win in the end. There are far too many communists and socialists around the world that see him as a global leader. They will not view a reelection defeat as a reason to not have him work for global socialism in another capacity.

So while I believe Barry will depart 1600 Pennsylvannia Ave this year, it is his next address that concerns me.

Hopefully, we will find some grace in all of the pressure.