A Slow Roll to Disaster


February 25, 2019 | 1:45 AM

A Slow Roll to Disaster

A Slow Roll to Disaster

Chances are you will go to the grocery store once or twice this week to buy food. I’ll bet you gas up at least once a week; maybe more. You don’t think twice about it and expect the goods and gas to be there.

What happens when you go into the store and the shelves are bare. You pull up to the gas station and find out there is NO gas to buy. Sounds extreme that this could happen in modern-day America? Well…..

Stats show 70% of all goods are moved by trucks from their point of origin in the US. The remaining 30% is moved by air/sea & rail. However, they drop that off at a depot and then a truck comes in and loads it up to move it out. So really, 100% of all goods are moved by trucks. Think about that. It’s a huge part of our economy and if truckers are not moving goods, wellllllll that lifestyle you and I enjoy will begin to change. Immediately.

A thick green sausage keeps poking the trucking bear

Truckers are in most part, some really nice folks who work their butts off.  Teddy bear like. Having written that, they are like anyone else and get fed up. Right now, the “I have had it meter” runneth over and that bear becomes one big, bad grizzly. Now imagine that grizzly is sleeping uncomfortably and growling low. Now imagine a big ole Shrek like finger, green for money that keeps poking that bear. Here are a few things poking the bear:

  • Insurance rates going through the roof
  • States coming out with “trucker only” or trucker targeted highway tolls that keep hitting their pocket-book
  • Problems finding a safe place to park
  • Driver pay – their effective pay and buying power basically is the same as 1980
  • Paperwork that would make a CPA cry
  • An ever-increasing regulatory shadow over their back

Get the picture?

About a month ago, some truckers in Illinois realized that they had a gut full of what I listed above and decided it was time to get some attention. So on January 26th of this year, about 10 truckers went below the speed limit on I57 for about 100 miles to protest. That same day, 40 trucks in Dallas did the same thing. Since then, truckers have been doing the same thing in Indiana and Kentucky. Another Illinois protest for I465 is planned soon. Other states will be following.

Oh, and the word is getting out about taking a “day off” nationally on April 12, 2109.


With all of the buzz on infrastructure, we had better start paying attention to those that spend most of the time driving on those roads and figure a way to get them happy. Even if it costs us more for goods and services.

The bear is waking up and making a slow roll over the economy and disaster is right around the corner.

The kind of disaster where the bear eats you up and then defecates you over a long, tall, cliff.

Charmin, anyone?