About Darren Yancy


Darren Yancy has always been a self-starter and hard-working individual. He knows the value of a dollar and through diligent perseverance has achieved the American Dream. He was raised with the conservative principles of self-reliance and responsibility and he has engaged those values each and every day throughout his life.

Darren’s sales and marketing career began in Texas at the young age of 16 when he began selling fire safety systems for a national fire safety company. From the beginning, Darren pioneered new ways to reach prospective customers and within only a year he became the youngest National Sales Champion in the history of the company.

After moving to Arlington in 1984, Darren worked full-time while also earning a degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington in only three and a half years. Trained to be an institutional broker, Darren graduated right after the stock market collapse of 1987. With his dream industry job prospects gone with the wind, Darren was recruited into the car business. He spent the next 4 plus years working his way up through various sales, finance and leadership positions in the industry.

In the early nineties, he was recruited by the Brinks Home Security company to become their first National Sales Trainer for the company. Darren revised the corporation’s sales and training programs and increased sales revenue by over 50% in less than 2 quarters. Following this impressive achievement, Darren was offered a promotion to Regional Manager to oversee operations in four states. However, Darren declined this position and accepted an offer from Nationwide Insurance in early 1994 to begin a new field operation in North Arlington Texas. After three years as an employee, Darren became an independent contractor representing the carrier in the office he started from scratch.

Darren built his agency while also helping manage his wife’s operation over the years. While personal insurance had been the foundation, Darren began transitioning the operations to commercial insurance in 1998. Over time, the operation would become almost exclusively focused on commercial insurance in several sectors that would have regional, and in some cases, national success for the operation.

However, Barack Obama’s new economy and assault on capitalism took a significant toll on Darren’s business interests in 2009 and 2010. Darren and his wife lost many of their clients in those years when people lost jobs and closed businesses.

Rebuilding the insurance operation was a daunting task. Having 15 years of work eliminated in less than a year meant analyzing what lines the operation could and should stay in. Several lines that were part of the foundation of services had to be changed. Darren instituted an aggressive rebuild platform that had the operation back to pre- Recession levels in just a few years. However, it came with a price – exhaustion and burnout. In 2014, Darren and his wife sold off their insurance operation to pursue other opportunities. As fate would have it, Darren’s path lead back to insurance. In 2018, Darren joined national broker HUB International to work in their commercial insurance division. In 2020, Darren and Carol embarked out on their own again. This time with Carol starting the retail operation again and Darren focusing on wholesale and product offerings. Darren is General Manager of a Texas Managing General Agency that specializes in non-franchised used car dealers. He has several projects working, including the formation of a new insurance company to focus on towing and trucking risks.

A new element opened up in January of 2019, when Darren agreed to join his old friend Kurt Chase and be a part of the highly successful live radio show – The Automotive Edge Radio Show. Darren headed up the new segment called Truck Talk that allowed him to bring his 29 years of insurance experience and 26 years of trucking knowledge to the radio waves. While keeping with the tenets of the original broadcast of saving people money when they buy cars and now semi-trucks, the platform allows Darren to tackle the regulated issues of insurance and trucking and all points in between. Of course, where regulated topics exist, so does political talk, thus allowing Darren an unconventional foray into political talk radio. However, some good things do come to an end and Darren decided it was time to break out on his own and formed The Information Edge Podcast with Darren Yancy. While listeners will find some of the format similar to that of his topics on the prior show, The Information Edge will have many additional topics that will be discussed with more available days, longer time slots, and a foray of industry and political guest on items you want to know more about.

Speaking of politics, Darren has always been concerned about the direction of Texas and America, but after the election of Barack Obama to the White House in 2008, Darren felt it was time to lend his talents to the political arena. Darren entered into a state level campaign for the Texas Senate in District 22.

The campaign was a tumultuous one, as Darren was taking on a 16 year incumbent in the Texas Legislature. Darren uncovered a scandal involving the State Senator and the dogs of war were unleashed on Darren. As mentioned earlier, the Darren’s businesses were taking a beating at the time of his campaigning. Money he planned to use for campaigning was no longer available and Darren is not fond of having to ask others to fund his efforts. Underfunded to combat the onslaught, Darren did not win the primary. He did, however, establish himself as a viable conservative candidate for public service while building a solid foundation of support to build on for a future campaign.

Darren stuck his toe back into politics in 2016 when he was appointed as Commissioner to the Johnson County Emergency Services District #1, better known as the JCESD. This 5 member Board oversees the finances and operations for fire and emergency services for residents in Johnson County. In 2019 Darren was elected as Treasurer/Secretary for the Board and also serves as the Risk Manager for the JCESD. Darren’s term ended in December 2020 after nearly 5 years on the Board.

In October of 2019, Texas Governor Greg Abbott appointed Darren to the Board of Directors of the Brazos River Authority. This 21 Member Board oversees the finances and operations of the oldest river basin in Texas that originates in the Texas Panhandle and goes down to the Texas Gulf Coast. Darren stepped down from this post in spring of 2021.

Darren currently resides in Johnson County with his wife of 30 years.