An Anthemic Plan


November 20, 2011 | 7:28 PM

An Anthemic Plan

An Anthemic Plan

In 1938, writer Ayn Rand published her novella Anthem, a futuristic look into society when the world is ruled by the few through the use of socialism, collectivism, and  control through economic rule. Advancement of technology is carefully planned and released on a pace to control society. Individualism has been eradicated through the outlaw (and punishable by death) of such forbidden words as “I” or “ego”. The World Council is the final authority.

The key characters do not have names, but descriptions and numbers. Equality 7-2521 is the main character and is working as a sweeper due to assignment from the Council of Vocations as opposed to his natural talents of math and science. During a break he discovers a tunnel to a place from unmentionable times and discovers a lightbulb and electricity. Taking the discovery to the World Council, he questions the world of Anthem. He has to escape through the tunnel to save his hide and eventually claims an individual name of Prometheus and thus the struggle to regain the loss of freedom begin.

Their have been many artistic visions, good and bad, of One World Order. The Star Trek series was based upon galactic unity. The movie Bicentennial Man references a benevolent “World Senate” to have the status of the main character, a robot, be recognized as human. However, we have also seen the rebellion against the collective. Anyone who doubts that Star Wars is not about rebelling against the centralization of power is sniffing glue. The rock band RUSH put out an album in 1976 called 2112 that was a direct statement against the forces of collectivism and the debasement of individualism. That album references the writings of Rand and any metal head (yours truly included) that has listened to Side 1 of 2112 knows the story of the individual against the Priests.  Anthem is almost mandatory reading for the modern conservative that needs a blueprint of what can come.

Remember that Rand wrote this as the world was coming out of the Great Depression and into the clutches of WWII. Hitler was on the rise and we all know the brainwashing and damage that bastard did. Somehow people forget that Hitler did not conquer to get his power – it was given to him in an attempt at the Puppet Masters to control the marionette on the grand stage. Problem was that it backfired. 

Now why drudge all of this up? Well, frankly, Obama scares the crap out of me and I see wheels in motion to speed up an Anthemic State. We have all witnessed his shredding of the Constitution since he has become POTUS. Obama knows he is toast next November unless some form of orchestrated event allows him to declare martial law to avoid elections. The Occupy Wall Street/Whatever Street that makes money is an attempt by the losers of society that could never make it in a competitive environment to begin a cycle of disruption. They hope this will lead to Barry to declare the US state of capitalism over and decree a universal “fairness doctrine” these losers need. If you think this sounds far-fetched, go back and look at the Obama record. Read through Obamacare and see how it ties the medical industry to government doctrines or parity and collective ideals. Look at how Obama slides into the social leaders in the EU (failing though they may be) at how the bright and beautiful must care for the ignorant and ugly.

What truly bothers me are the unwitting sheep that follow Obama like sacrifices at the altar. They have not a clue that he will roast them where they stand if it serves his purpose – to sell out all American sovereignty and have us be puppets in the One World Club.

Strap on your armor my friends – the next 12 months is going to get bumpy.