Barak Obama – the next Fidel Castro?


May 24, 2010 | 2:16 AM

Barak Obama – the next Fidel Castro?

Barak Obama – the next Fidel Castro?

I had an opportunity to attend the Burleson TEA Party “Keep America Free” Town Hall Meeting today. Three of the 5 speakers were of Hispanic descent who had come here and become citizens. Two of the speakers, Dr. Irma Aguirre and Professor Juan Baldor, had come over from Cuba in the 1960’s shortly after the Castro ousted Batista.

It was interesting and at the same time a bit terrifying to hear the similarities between the then young, charismatic Castro and the accolades the American press heaps upon Obama. Castro was young, attractive from what I hear, articulate, envisioned “change”, and had gained support from countries other than his own to institute a new Cuba. Any of this sound a bit too close to home? The only difference is the similarities between Castro and Obama are that Castro walked in and took over; Obama was escorted in by his adoring entourage.

Castro immediately nationalized property and bank accounts upon his acceptance of power. He then set rates for wages to equalize (suppress) the flow of income between the people. Removal of weapons then came down the line with rationing of food and medicine (they called in nationalized healthcare). While TARP passed under Bush (something we need not forget), it was Obama who has nationalized our auto industry, banking, and insurance industry.

Dr. Baldor laid out an eery format used to overthrow Cuba that many believe is being used in the US. today. While I did not write down the entire sequence he used, I believe these 2 to be key: 1. Throw God out of everything; 2. Set the head of the state up as God to the people. Obama has done everything he can to denounce America as a Christian nation since taking office and there is no need for examples here. Obama has also set himself up to be more than the President of the US – he wants to be King of the World. There is no doubt that he is enamored with himself and his list of pseudo accomplishments. Instead of teaching children about our states and nation, Obama is trying to have kids sing him a song of praise. Any of you in the blogosphere taking notes?

Castro also saluted Obama for passing the Obamacare in spite of the majority of the American people being against it………

Obama is a manchild of the most dangerous nature and deserves to be placed near or alongside the destructive capacity of Castro. My concern is that if this joker is not ousted in 2012, will we be comparing him with Hitler in 50 years?