Big Brother Reaching Out


July 12, 2019 | 2:37 AM

Big Brother Reaching Out

Big Brother Reaching Out

You may not realize it, but there is a revolution underway in how goods and services are being delivered to you. It’s not a friendly revolution either – millions of jobs are at stake in the near term and the long term capability of being able to care for oneself is being placed into the care of a machine. Machines that don’t give a rats ass about you or me.

The revolution is in transportation – trucking, shipping, and rail are all having massive pushes by technology to either reduce the roles of humans or drive them out entirely. While I am a capitalist, I also support labor. If we don’t have a workforce, you don’t have a tax base. Without a tax base, well the US goes in the toilet and Big Brother takes over. This is just one of many reasons “free stuff” from the government is never free, but that is a topic for another blog.

Right now there is a crisis in labor in transportation where those doing the work are over worked, over regulated, and under paid. Freight rates for all sectors is tight and each sector is scared to death to pass costs down to the consumer. So instead, they squeeze costs and labor is being wrung out in a big way. If tech could replace humans right now, these sectors would jump on the bandwagon. However, tech is not ready to be the savior. So, you have “driver shortages” and companies fast tracking drivers that can be hired to market with less than adequate training. The result is issues in safety and fights for drivers.

Now, Big Brother in the form of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA has deemed it necessary to get input from the public on issues that they have no knowledge of and most don’t care about. I have been working on getting the message out on caring about transportation for those that like to eat, but I cannot speak for the rest of you.

So, I am going to share some FMCSA requests, with my opines.– Pilot Program to allow drivers under 21 without military experience to operate commercial vehicles in interstate commerce. To date: 326 comments received. All comments must be received by July 15, 2019. As of July 3, the American Trucking Association has requested a 30-day extension, not guaranteed to be granted

Darren’s opinion – In English, the FMCSA wants to reduce the age from 21 to 18 because young upstarts will work for less. That does not give them any better training or reaction time behind the wheel. Remember that trucks weigh 80000 pounds before their trailer. Think teens can do damage with cars……– Automated Driving Systems (ADS) for Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs); Request for Comments Concerning Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) Which May Be a Barrier to the Safe Testing and Deployment of ADS-Equipped CMVs on Public Roads. To date: 156 comments received All comments must be received by July 29, 2019.

Darren’s opinion – read my last blog on Robo Truck and you will understand why this is not the right move.

Soup kitchens were a staple in the Depression. If autonomous vehicles wipe out a sector of labor, you will see them again – DY.– Request for Information Concerning Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Detention Times During Loading and Unloading. To date: 324 comments received. All comments must be received by September 9, 2019

Darren’s opinion – how would you feel about be required to hang around for hours, not get paid for it, AND its prevents you from making more money? – Entry-Level Driver Training; Application for Exemption: United Parcel Service, Inc. To date 23 comments received. All comments must be received by July 19, 2019

Darren’s opinion – what is Brown trying to do to you? Make the streets far more dangerous. Does this really need an explanation?

So, Big Brother is reaching out for the general public’s opinion. Most American’s do not have a clue as it is not being advertised, publicized, blasted on social media, or ANYTHING! Do all of us a favor and take this blog to heart, do a little research, and give Big Bro more responses than they can deal with.

The people that make sure you have grocery stores with food and gas in the underground tanks at the gas station will thank you.