Big Brother & Your Health – America’s Constant Prostate Exam


January 26, 2022 | 6:42 PM

Big Brother & Your Health – America’s Constant Prostate Exam

Big Brother & Your Health – America’s Constant Prostate Exam

In the midst of CV 19 “recovery” where the current variant Omicron sounds just like a mild case of the flu, it sure appears that the US Government has sanctioned full on human experimentation with the US Pharma sector. Going back a year when the vaxxes rolled out and all the vaxx manufacturers got full liability immunity, it’s been Vaxx Mandates R Us.

Let’s step back a moment when the process to produce, test, and introduce a vaccine to market was traditionally 5 to 10 years. While President Trump’s Project Warpspeed helped to reduce that time to market, it’s more than obvious that these vaccines are not anywhere near 100%. As a matter of fact, various data starting coming forth that the effectiveness on the product was more in the 40% range. Israel Research on CV19 Vaccines

Now if that was the only issue, then it would not be an issue. You would know that the vaxx would give you a 4 in 10 chance of never getting Covid. Challenge is that the side effects with the heart and other issues make taking a Covid vaccine a tad more risky.

The other issues surrounding Covid vaxxes are readily available treatments such as HCQ and Ivermectin, although every effort is being made to suppress the knowledge (too late) and counter the argument. Just look at what is being done to silence Joe Rogan.

Here’s another issue causing lack of trust in the US Government – the changing definition from the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) of what is a vaccine. I did a newsletter on this – Information Edge Q3 2021 Newsletter. So if we have a moving target on the definition of a vaccine, it begs the question – is this a cure or a treatment? High percentage of folks getting the vaxx get Covid, but usually with milder symptoms and less length of illness. Why not come out and say “Hey – we can’t cure it but we can make it less lethal and get you some antibodies”.

Guarantee that if the liability waivers stopped, so would the push for the “vaccine”.

Wish the suspicion stopped here.

Disclaimer – can’t name names here for legal purposes


Does it bother anyone other than me that cancer still has not been cured – that we know of? How is it in this time of great medical advancements over the past 50 years that no cure for any form of cancer has come out? Could it be that the trillions of dollars in research is the answer? I have spoken in length with two different medical doctors who both claim to have come up with actual forms of cancer cures. One told me that the Pharma Industry got to him during his FDA trails and bought him out. The other was during work for the Army in the 90’s with the USAM on certain diseases and accidentally came across what appeared to be a cure for a form on internal cancer. When he reported it, he was told to stop that work and destroy all evidence. He complied and left a few days later for another part of the world and has been off the grid since.

I currently know of a product that is in human trials on treating skin cancer and has shown 100% effectiveness. The approached The American Cancer Society on funding further research and were shown the door…. Their research was not needed at this time….

Sugar & Diabetes

This past year I had my sugar level tested and it was too high. I’m not diabetic, yet, but certainly pre-diabetic. I have changed several items in my diet and got my levels down, but it take another year to get them where I want. Several years of abuse are not corrected overnight. When I made the decision to get right on my diet, I started reading labels for sugar content. Sugar is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. Unless you drink water only, each only raw fruits and veggies, AND cook and prepare all you meats & poultry from scratch – the Sugar King is ruling your life. While there is an segment of the food industry that caters to low or no sugar products, its not discussed enough. I worry about my kids more than myself now because of what I know they eat.

Ever thought about how many diabetics we have in the US? Roughly 34 million have diabetes and over 88 million are pre-diabetic. That’s damn near half of the nation…. The number of diabetes product commercials coming out for product sales is sickening. Why is no one trying to CURE this disease?

Where the failure lies

At the end of the day, we have to be responsible for our health. However, we elect people and pay taxes to put together an infrastructure of rules to help keep us informed and place the best forms of regulation that help us rather than enslave people. The US Government has failed catastrophically its citizens. Let me be specific here:

  • Elected politicians are allowed to take donations from food and drug manufacturers in dramatically greater proportions than everyday Joe and Jane Sixpack can compete with;
  • This leads to legislation favorable to those sectors and in most cases to the detriment of the population;
  • Said elected politicians then manipulate laws that allow their use of inside information to invest in the sectors stock for personal financial gain. In essence creating a public funded graft pool;
  • The detrimental effects of these policies on citizens are ignored and in some cases use the press to promote anything that can upset the apple cart as “misinformation”

Can this be corrected?

The short answer is yes, but it will take a turnover of the existing Congress and staff. The corruption is so deep and the money train is on full speed.

Stop funding the companies poisoning us. Liquidate their stock. Stop using their products.

It may come down to stop paying taxes by a majority of the nation to get their attention.

Think we call this the Swamp and this mother is deep and wide.

Crap – Brother Fauci just put on another glove….