Can we keep the Republic?


August 25, 2021 | 5:17 PM

Can we keep the Republic?

Nine months ago I  blogged about how to save the Republic. Ya know – that thing the folks back in 1787 handed to us. That group of  people that started what would be become the greatest nation on the planet for freedom and personal responsibility. Yeah I know the commie haters want to dwell on every mistake as if they still exist, but they don’t. We learn and sometimes make new mistakes. Like not paying attention in 2008 at what was happening at the down ballot position when Barry came into office.

I had concerns under BHO, but not like this. This is not a soft dictatorship under Biden- it’s a full blown communist invasion at every level and in every state. For over a decade, there has been efforts to change school boards, city councils, county commissioners, as well as the representative and senator positions at the state and federal level.

In short – we are at war.  Its a civil war on a low level – for the moment. The last one saw almost 3% of the US population slaughtered (around 750000 depending on where you get your data) over economic power and slavery. Doubt it’s happening here? Look at Oregon and California – There is ZERO law and order in Portland, Oregon and California is in chaos. What could cause this to escalate more across the nation? Oh, I don’t know, things like working to take away 2A rights on a federal level, federalizing elections, and perhaps vaccine mandates….

HR 127 is designed to take away your rights to bear arms. Fortunately its stalled right now, but it’s far from dead.

HR1 and its evil twin S1 barely escaped becoming law. This is far from done and right now 2 Democrat Senators are all that’s in the way of federalize elections and the loss of America….

HR4980 is the latest attempt to mandate vaccines for US airport use. Wonder  if Joe knew about this one when he pulled the plug on the Afghans….?

So, yeah, I’m concerned. However, I’m far from throwing in the towel.

What can be done NOW?!?
There is only one non-violent solution and that is an Article V Convention of States. Not going to regurgitate this as it is best served to go to their site. I will be having someone from the organization on the show soon Convention of States. As far as the vaxx issues, its a 14th Amendment issue and only lawsuits, job changes, changes in buying patterns, and civil disobedience will work here.

Has the Republic runs its course? Is it Divorce Time?
I still firmly believe that America is more conservative than liberal. That written, the concentrations of conservative versus commies could be coming to an impasse. If it is, rather than a violent civil war, how about we use our heads and go back to states being their own republics. It’s a daily discussion in Texas….

There is a whole slew of issues to address if we walk down that path: currency, trade agreements, mutual aid and protection, manufacturing, and border controls are just a few that come to mind. What would happen to the US debt? What would the global ramifications be???

Something tells me we’ll know before November 2022…