Chet Edwards – Nancy Pelosi’s Lapdog


June 26, 2010 | 1:22 AM

Chet Edwards – Nancy Pelosi’s Lapdog

Chet Edwards – Nancy Pelosi’s Lapdog

It’s been quite a while since I have taken the time to shed light on the darkness of Chet Edwards. It is now Bill Flores torch to bear and whip Chet in the November general. However, as a former CD17 candidate and someone who has a personal issue with Chet, I want to give Bill all the help he can get.

For those that have bought into Edwards claim as a conservative blue dog Democrat, it is time to wake up from the nightmare. Now I am not saying Edwards was never conservative – I believe he had a degree of conservative principle to him when he went to DC in 1990. He has since flushed them down the toilet to be the right hand man of insanity on earth – Nancy Pelosi.

I am not about to attempt to cover Edwards entire voting history in this blog. You can google it and read for yourself the liberal swing he has and his liberal rating. However, Since Pelosi took over a Speaker of the House, Edwards has flat-out sold his soul. Pelosi has used Edwards to sell her agenda to the House Dems while speaking out of the other side of his mouth while talking to constituents backing in Texas. How attached at the hip are these two? Consider this – when Barry O was fishing for a VP in 2008, it was Pelosi that placed Edwards name in the VP hunt. Edwards did some campaign stumping with Barry O in February of 2008 prior to the state primaries. He felt good about Barry O and threw his support right in there before he had the nomination. Good God, that makes the stomach turn! It was not long after Barry O secured the Democrat nomination that Pelosi threw Edwards hat into the ring. Edwards nomination to the VP spot was thwarted on 2 issues – 1. Texas was considered heavily red and Edwards could not carry the state; 2. John Edwards was in the middle of his infidelity scandal and the names were too similar.

So what has Edwards done in return for the VP plug? Plenty. Edwards wrangles in the uncertain Dem flocks and sells them on the Pelosi way. Ok, I said I would attempt to cover his voting record, but how about a few jewels that last couple of years? He was there for TARP, the Auto Industry Takeover, the Lil Ledbetter Bill, the 2009 Ominbus, The Stimulus (and they want another?),trillion-dollar budgets, regulating executive comp, and other lovely legislative items. He claims conservatism on voting against Cap & Trade and Obamacare, yet in both cases he voted to bring both bills to the floor. Additionally, it was only after Master Pelosi granted permission did Edwards vote against those two, in the waning moments of the votes when the numbers were secure. I was personally at a realtor luncheon in Granbury last year where Edwards appeared and told an audience of very concerned realtors that he was not for Cap & Trade now do to the economic conditions of the country, but could see it later on.

On June 24, 2010 Edwards was able to show his true liberal colors once again on HR 5175, better known as the DISCLOSE Act. I wrote on this earlier when the NRA sold out and got an exemption on the bill. This bill is in response to the Supreme Court Ruling in  Citizens United vs. FCC. This ruling overturned McCain-Feingold and restored some semblance to the First Amendment. DISCLOSE is the Dems way to reinstate McCain-Feingold. I guess the fact the Supreme Court just hammered one un-Constitutional law did not sink in for these loons.

Edwards was one of the goony birds – here is the roll call: