July 5, 2013 | 8:16 PM



My apologies for the long hiatus. My head exploded politically and getting near a blog or anything else related to politics just made me sick after Barry’s re-election. I always told myself that an outside chance stood for him to win despite all the issues surrounding this idiot. It just took a while to find my head again. If you need a visual, look at the last few moments of The Iron Giant and you can get an idea.

If you like zombies and references to the mystic fiction surrounding the genre, then you know I am plagiarizing from last season’s Walking Dead. Yes, I love the show and no I don’t believe in zombies. Specifically, the episode where Rick meets back up with a damn near crazy Morgan – the man who saved him after his wake up call at the local hospital. Morgan has been alone so long that reality has blurred and he must “clear” in his mind what is real and what is not. Has the last 5 years been real? Did that worthless commie REALLLLLLY get re-elected? Sometimes the sheer insanity surrounding Barry and his administration begs the question – are we all on some bad acid trip?? Barry just does not “clear”.

Unfortunately, Barry is in the White House for another (gag me) 3 and a half years. That is a reality. However, some other clarity has been added to the picture lately that does help us maintain a sense of sanity of how he is still here. 

Welcome to the Machine
Whether you like Team Barry or not, they came out and kicked butt when they needed to. They were able to turn out minorities, especially blacks, in record numbers to the polls. How they convinced people to vote BO back in under the symptoms of his Great Recession is nothing short of miraculous. Team Barry added another chapter in “How to kick a Republicans Ass” in the 2012 campaign. Do some blogging under Obama-Biden metadata mining and see how they created the personal touch on how to get out the vote. When you read it, you’ll understand why Barry truly believes his garbage of trusting the NSA in their spying on 120 million Americans. Lord, he took a chapter from their playbook and refined it for his campaign. The name of the game is getting people to the polls and conservatives are still short in this department.

How to win friends and stifle political enemies with Gestapo tactics
As the ugliness of the IRS tactics are shown the light of day, we now know the other way Barry won 2012. Turning your stassi dogs on conservative groups seeking political equality is very effective. I use the words equality because if you have any doubt how this game is played, look at the status filings for Enough said. Now, will we ever find an underling with a direct order from Barry? – Hell no. If such a person did exist, they evaporated before this stink ever aired. Truth is, these orders were given defacto by Barry and Dems in Congress after the rise of the Tea Party and other conservative group in 2009 and after the 2010 Congressional Mid Terms. No, it was not back room orders, they were public professions of judgement passed on these groups that the IRS took as marching orders. How many times did Barry, Harry, and Nancy publicly decry these groups? Why, these people must be corrupt or racist or whatever the hell they used to smear these groups. Now these very people who cried for investigations into conservative groups are pulling the chair leather from their butts in the light of what has occurred. Make no mistake – liberals don’t give a rats behind about conservative causes, but they do know politics goes in cycles and they realize that could be their political group that gets the shaft.

Run a better campaign machine and intimidate your political enemies and you can win despite being a worthless executive in every aspect of the job. 

Crud, guess that means Barry does “clear” on winning the 2012 election.

Gonna need some more duct tape for the ole noggin…….

More duct tape please