Dazed and Confused


September 15, 2012 | 3:31 PM

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

Not a good week for US interests in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) Region. There have been blunders aplenty this week from Barry’s Administration. Here is my spin on the garbage being hurled our way currently.

Embassy Attacks
OK, even if we had zero intel of any pending attack, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as well as the fact that is has been a year since the death of Osama Bin Laden should have been enough to know to be on high alert status with fully armed security forces at all MENA embassies. For that matter – ALL of our embassies should have been on high alert. That is common sense. The fact our US Embassies – America on foreign soil – were left so unprotected is a major blunder on behalf of Obama’s view toward Islam. However, while Barry is naive on radical Islam, Secretary of State Clinton is not. I lay some major poo at her feet for not following her instincts here. The US Ambassadors abroad make the decisions on security and all other matters pertaining to our embassy staff. They are only overridden by the Secretary of State and the President.Barry truly has believed that his Muslin ties would have prevented any such matters as these. As such, you have seen a soft approach with him in these areas. Clinton knows better and should have had the smarts to ensure the embassies Ambassadors were taking proper precautions. Not having Marines in Libya and allowing them to be neutered by US Ambassador Patterson in Cairo was one of the most negligent acts in our nations history. The Marines should have been unleashed in Cairo and any other embassies we have being attacked. That is their job and SOS Clinton sat on her hands. Our embassies being attacked are acts of war against the US and require defense and response just as if it happened on the lower 48 states.

Was Romney Wrong in his early position?
Not only was he right, he showed strength in response that leaders in the MENA region need to see. Right now, they see us leaving Iraq (which is now falling to pieces) and giving timelines on leaving Afghanistan. While I know Barry really felt deep down in his heart the fact that he is a die-hard Muslim liberal would have made a difference there, he is just viewed as weak. Arabs only respond to strength. Don’t take my word for it, go read their history. There is never an excuse to allow or appease an attack on our nation – which is what these embassy attacks are. What should have occurred is a hard stand from Barry that Romney could have stepped in and backed him.

The Arab Spring
This region has been warring with itself for thousands of years. It goes back to Abraham and the births of Ishmael and Isaac. I am not going into scripture here – you can go read it again for yourself. Ishmael is the father of the Arabs, Isaac is the father of the Jews and you know the story from there. However, the Arabs have been warring amongst their tribes forever. The Ottoman Empire has been the only successful collective government to rule the MENA region and it was done with vicious, murderous, brute force. Which, by the way, is the only thing the Arabs respect – strength. Sorry, repeating myself, but this point cannot be overdone. The French and British occupations of the MENA region through 1958 prospered only when they were heavy-handed. Attempts at true democratic rules from internal appointments were disastrous and met with bloodshed from the Arabs. So when the Arab revolutions began last year and became dubbed the “Arab Spring” , a great deal of hope for democracy was professed from western leaders around the world. Now the US can take one of two positions when revolution is occurring – stand back or join in the fray. Frankly, I cannot hammer Barry for sitting back and watching as the region went through change. The US has bungled more than one toppling of dictators only to see a worse cobra arise. Saddam Hussein is the most recent to come to mind. The Shah in Iran also pops into my head. There is also the risk that you pick the losing side. I think this was one reason he held back on Libya. Gaddafi had been toothless towards the US for years and was not causing us problems. I personally think we should not have been involved at all. This is why you are also why we are hanging back on Syria, which I agree with. We would have to arm Syrian rebels, which means we would be in direct armed conflict with those backing the Syrian government – Iran and Russia. I’m not afraid of a dustup with either of those two, but not under these conditions. However, once the dust settles after revolutions, either you recognize the new government and embrace it or ignore it. Now, I have to give Barry credit in handling the new governments in MENA that have popped up. They have been recognized and supported. However, his over confidence in his Muslim ties has led to lax security here. Democracy takes years, not days, to be embraced and to be effective. While the US is the shining example of a democratic representative republic, we did not get here overnight. It took years for Britain to recognize the US formally and to make things work in the states. In an age of the internet, Twitter, and fast food, developed nations have too high an expectation for new democracies to emulate us instantly. As such, you have to be cautious and protective of new regimes (even “democratic” ones) to ensure security.

The Religion of the Region
So if the US handled the Arab Spring right, why all the hell right now? Well that should be obvious. Islam is the dominant religion of the region and even though its roots are clearly founded in Christian-Judeo origins, the morph into Islam has its differences. While I am not going to detail them here, you should already be aware that the key are Muslims value on Mohammed, whom they deem their profit. Islam does teach that all other religions are essentially paganism, but you do not see majority enforcement. If you did, 1.5 billion Muslims would warring openly with 2.1 billion Christians and 200 millions Jews as well as the other faiths. That is a losing proposition and they know it. However, their nut jobs are very well-financed and very devoted to be pure to the faith. As such, Christians and Jews (which the is the majority of what the US is) are hated by the extremist and tolerated by the rest.

The Film ” The Innocence of Muslims”
I viewed this “film” today on YouTube. It’s an absolute piece of garbage and there is no way in the world that the maker of the film can be blamed for the happenings of the MENA region. It’s a poorly made joke that takes many of the stories about Mohammed and puts them into a spoof. That’s it. For Obama and Clinton to come out and say the US does not promote this film is the same as saying they don’t support internet porn. If the US is going to distance support, then it needs to better clarify that is does not support the theme of the film, but supports the tenet of free speech afforded under the First Amendment. A golden opportunity has been missed here in the efforts to appease radical Islam. Not only should they have clarified the issue of theme of the movie, but declared that we enforce our freedoms to allow for all expression, even distasteful ones. You have a choice to pull it up on the net and view. No one is putting a gun to your head. This film is simply being used as a signal for a coordinated attack efforts on US interests by terrorists. Period.

Do we stay or abandon the MENA Region?
We have to stay for a number of reasons. Not every nation hates us. Saudi, The UAE, Turkey, Oman, and Jordan are not issues for us. Are they democracies? No, they are monarchies that take reasonable care of their people and afford them freedom. Don’t believe everything the lamestream media tells you – we do have friends there. Another reason is energy. Unless you are ready to pay $10 a gallon for gas and all of the other increases that are associated with it, there are reasons for securing the region. It will take another 6 to 10 years for the US to produce all of the energy it needs in liquid fuels, renewables, and other forms before we can tell the MENA region to kiss our behind. Another is economic influence. If the US steps out – Iran, Russia, China, Britain, France, and India get the region to themselves for the export of their goods and services, not ours. That means the MENA residents, who are one of the most rapidly developing consumers with loads of cash to burn, will be loyal to all those other nations there to help them. The US needs exports to those regions for our economy. While there are more reasons, my final one is national security. Not all of the nations I listed who would fill the US void are friendly to US interests. If we allow those interests to further influence hostilities towards us with no way to monitor the situation, it will only be a matter of time before we are at full-scale war when the extremists are whipped up enough to make such a move. However, this does not mean we just send a check and hope for the best. Any region not securing our embassies should have an immediate halt until peace is restored, those in charge found and prosecuted, and specific examples are produced of how this will be prevented in the future. With Egypt, we have some trickier waters to manuever there, as we are committed to financial aid as part of the treaty between Egypt and Israel. However, Egypt relies and tourism and I think they have blown their foot off. All US citizens should refrain from travel to Egypt as well as foregoing any purchase of Egyptian tourism goods sold in the US. Hit them in the pocketbook and see how long it takes to come around.

Dazed and confused yet?

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