Dead On Arrival


March 4, 2016 | 3:04 PM

Dead On Arrival

Dead On Arrival

Romney Puppet

Mitt Romney made an ass of himself yesterday and his message was DOA – dead on arrival. When I heard excerpts of the speech the day before, I laughed out loud. The 2012 GOP nominee either is the largest marionette on strings being pulled by the GOP leadership or has an ego that only the Rocky Mountains in Utah could support if thinks he has any relevance to the electorate. Had he been half this aggressive against Barry O 4 years ago, the country might have elected him.

Maybe. And I voted for Romney despite the fact that he vaporized into thin air the last 6 weeks of the campaign.

What the Gloved One and the rest of the GOP establishment fail to recognize is that what is happening with Trump & Cruz is a culmination of anger over 20 years of failed GOP hand selection of Presidential Nominees. Let’s have a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

  • 1996 Bob Dole   There is only one candidate worse than Dole and I will get there in a minute. The GOP elite decided it was Grandpa Cranky’s time to run against Bill Clinton, who was charismatic and popular and appealed to the center. Dole was neither charismatic, popular, or pleasing to the ear. While he was a good man and respectable Senator, this nominee was awful.
  • 2000 George W Bush  People have somehow forgotten that W was not a hard right candidate. He was closer to the middle and that is one reason he was elected due to a broad appeal. What George did have was personality and charisma and an air of reasonableness to him that was sharply contrasted by Mr. Anal – Al Gore on the Dem side. You will notice, however, that Republican candidates of this era do not invoke that they are a George W Bush conservative. Is it because he was closer to the center or due to his policies? While I’m not sure, it’s time to clear the air and realize what 43’s policies have done to the US.  The invasion of Iraq, which I supported then, will go down in history as one of the great blunders in history. It serves as an example that the days of nation building are in the past. When the Syria issue settles, Russia will get a reminder of why they left Afghanistan. The MENA region has been a mess for several millennia and will remain that way until and unless its people want change. That does not mean other nations like the US can have alliances and roles of support. This decision brought in the return of the Democrats to Congress in 2006 and it has been downhill since. The Patriot Act and TARP are 2 pieces of bookend legislation that illustrate the disaster that W’s presidency became. We now know his nomination of John Roberts would lead to one of the greatest betrayals of Constitutional interpretation in history regarding BarryCare not once, but twice. While time fades people memory, have no doubt that many of these topics re-surfaced when brother Jeb decided to run for the GOP nomination and failed miserably. People do not want another Bush in the Whitehouse.
  • 2008 John McCain  The only man worse than Bob Dole, in my opinion. Having lost to Bush 43 in the 2000 Republican Primary, the GOP should have recognized his shortcomings then.  He had zero passion, was still embracing 43’s policies that were now obviously unpopular, and sounded like a Democrat on many issues. In the meantime, the Dem’s trot out a young, charismatic Barry. It was 1996 all over again and the Grand Old Party did not look grand, but old. McCain’s only kudos was the brass nads of getting Sarah Palin as his VP nominee. Without Palin, the shellacking he took at the hands of Barry would have been worse. The man is a war hero and deserves that respect, but he was a horrible nominee.
  • 2012 Mitt Romney On the surface he appeared to be a winner in the current Dem heavy environment. He had a sense of humor, been in government and in business and successful at both. He was by no means a hard right conservative, but leaned closer to the middle and that appeared to be a needed formula to get general election results. But hold on – he had a chance in 2008 and dropped out of the Republican Primary race because the support was not there. Maybe that should have been the big red flag to party leaders before pushing Mitt down the throats of the voters. Why did he drop out in 2008? Well, he was not the most passionate campaigner and you had RomneyCare out there with its baggage and the fact he was a prior corporate raider. Well, his lack of passion showed on the campaign trail, as he refused to attack Barry hard on his failed policies. He had opportunities in the debates to put the election away and never did. The Dems beat him over the head for criticizing BarryCare when it was the same as RomneyCare and the putting people out of jobs as a corporate raider did come into play. Romney showed his true lack of grit in the last 6 weeks when he all but disappeared on the campaign trail. Now, 4 years later, he wants back in the game?

So, what have we learned? The establishment does not know squat about the people who vote. Here are some realities the GOP needs to learn:

  • Personality and passion wins elections. Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Barry O had it – their opponents did not.
  • Americans want someone to fight for them, whether it is for domestic issues or abroad. Bill and Barry have won on domestic issues and Bush won re-election on keeping the US safe after 9-11-01. Now, whether this is actually true or not, it is the perception of the American voter in the booth that counts.

Because of the failure of past nominees and because the Republican controlled Congress has lost its spine, the voters for the GOP have had enough.

This is what has fueled the rise of Trump & Cruz, as well as Carson and Fiorina when they were in the race.  Carson and Fiorina are out because they lacked the qualities I have pointed out. Trump and Cruz have personality, have passion, and Americans believe they will fight for them. If policy and experience were the trigger, Kasich would have been leading since New Hampshire.

So, GOP leadership, hear me on this: let the voters decide on who they want. Don’t even try to steal it at the convention, because people like me will be there to hunt you down and expose you for what you really are. Last time I checked, vampires don’t like the light.