Diversionary Tactics


September 15, 2013 | 1:11 PM

Diversionary Tactics

Diversionary Tactics

Ronald Reagan was a natural due to his wonderful charisma and sense of self deprecating humor.

Bill Clinton took diversion to a new level of Teflon coating when he was in office.

However, make no mistake, what we are seeing now is an artist behind a canvass on new degrees of diversionary tactics. Picasso and Van Gogh would be jealous.

Over a year has passed and we still don’t have any official finding on Benghazi that tells the truth. Deflection – it’s a video that enraged Muslims. Don’t admit the truth of warnings running up to the attack on the 11 year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 and that the State Department and White House botched this one supremely. Did Hillary really fall on the sword for Barry or did she just save herself more grilling on the fire?

The fact that the Obama Administration has set by why the NSA decided to spy on 120 million Americans as well as shake down US corporations for their data (forget about that pesky Constitution) should make us all (liberals included) squirm. We know from the Snowden leaks that the NSA head man Clapper lied to Congress, yet no one has lost their jobs over this. In fact, Barry’s dodge on this was have the liar Clapper investigate the NSA’s program to regain the public trust. While more of the Snowden info shows an agency wayyyy out of control, Barry tells us that we should “trust” the NSA. Guess the nation bought it because DC is still standing….

Barry’s Department of Justice has also been running amuck with seizing press files, wire tapping and God only knows what else. Barry deflected another would be tackler by declaring this a “phony” scandal and it put the press at bay. This is the same press that elected him and seemed, for just a moment, to squirm on this one. This is the same press that he will discard and burn when he is done with them.

Of course, the granddaddy is the IRS scandal. While initially stating concern over the targeting over conservatives, this one has also been relegated to the “phony”. His Barry Sanders spin move on this one – Syria!

Friends – you don’t get into civil wars unless you’re willing to get bloody. We lost more lives in our own Civil War than any other armed conflict we have engaged in as a nation. I know gassing people is a no-no and violates international laws, but the humanitarian card should been played 100000 lives ago. There is no US interest here, only the loss of more blood and treasure. While we had reasons for Afghanistan and Iraq, we skunked up the punch there. We need to learn from it. While that red line got crossed (by whom, we’re not really sure), Barry needed to a master diversion to deflect these major scandals away from the press and the public. Arm the rebels – it matters not that Al Qaeda fights amongst them. Gassing of women and children – not while America stands! Does the drumbeat of scandal resonate in the press currently or are we wringing our hands as to why this clown (and I mean that with all the disrespect it implies) is looking to take us to war? Now Putin of all people has brokered a deal that will ultimately save BHO’s backside from having to get that Congressional approval that would not have come and Barry will come out glowing…..

Hmmmmmmm. You don’t suppose Barry and Vlad got together and ……

Naww, couldn’t happen in a million years. Right?

Oh my, that would be a masterpiece of a spin move. Lordy, this rivals the Sistine Chapel…..

As a side note – Putin has backed Assad because of prior help in fighting Chechen Muslim terrorists back in Mother Russia. You may recall Chechnya is part of Russia with a violent history since the 1990’s, predominantly due to radical Muslim elements in the country. To jog your memory, two Boston boys – the Tsarneav Brothers and their family hailed from this region. Tamerlan Tsarneav spent 6 months there before coming back and blowing the daylights out of the Boston Marathon with his little brother Dzhokhar……

Oh, and the Russians gave us a heads up on Tamerlan and we blew it. Guess that one does not qualify for a scandal.

Barry Sanders is growing jealous and Michelangelo is smiling.