Don’t Get back to The Greek


November 12, 2011 | 5:01 PM

Don’t Get back to The Greek

Don’t Get back to The Greek

Having spent the last week in Vienna on business, I got to be smack in the middle of the Euro Zone Meltdown over the Greek Debt issue. Greek Prime Minister Papandreou was up to his eyeballs in social spending debt now worthy of Greek Mythology. With uncertainty of whether Greece would remain in the Euro, the financial markets all over the globe took a tumble. Now Papandreou will be losing his job and the guy looking to taking his place, Lucas Papademos, has been his financial advisor for several years. So, the guy that will replace the leader has been at the head of the financial train of ruin. How does that apple taste? Sounds similar to how the US political parties recycle people from one position to another.

Then the Euro debt hammer came down in Italy and Italian leader Berlusconi has agreed to step down because of his social spending spree that is about to sink Rome for the second time.

While the common theme of frustrated voters casting out leaders is consistent here, so is the fact that Europe has went overboard with socialism to keep the people docile and out of combat conflicts around the world. The EU is known as a social zone, not a military power. There is also one other very scary little fact that is overlooked in all of the crisis in the EU- Barry Obama being part of the leadership group of the G20 nudging these “overspenders” out.

Oh yes, the same tax and spend liberal we know and despise here in the US is apparently a lightweight by European standards when it comes to social debt spending to enslave the people. As such, he is considered a “fiscal conservative” (easy stomach…) and gets to be part of the hit squad on leadership. While Barry may indeed be the spendthrift in this group of the G20, he is observing how they have set up their entitlement system over the last 60 years and how it has kept those entitlement parties in power.

And Barry likes that very much….

Being the Grand Puppet on the world stage on the G20 is a heady rush Barry does not get back here in the States. He can stand beside French Primer Minister Sarkozy and nod his head about greater world taxes to help this “crisis” and there is no one there from the US Press to roast his flesh. That my friends is how he can them come back to the States and opine about how grand the social justice is around the world. How far behind the US is and the moves that he is making is just to bring us up to the level of civility that Europe has. What he should be saying is that the moves he is making is just to bring us up to the debt levels of Europe. He has no plans of stopping there should he get a second term at the helm of POTUS.

That, my friends, is just one reason why we do not want to get back to The Greek.