Don’t Make Mom Mad


April 14, 2012 | 1:57 AM

Don’t Make Mom Mad

Don’t Make Mom Mad

Mothers are icons and for good reason. First, there would be no “us” without them. Even if we were able to clone successfully without a mom, can you imagine how screwed up the world would be without moms? I’m not just talking about cooking, cleaning, and other stereotypes that moms get labeled with. I’m talking about the void society would have and the chaos that would ensue without the common sense, intelligence, care, and leadership mothers bring to the forefront through their chosen profession.

Noticed I used the word profession. Whether raising one child or a half-dozen, motherhood requires the skills of a consummate professional. Running a home is no small feat and the list of qualities needed to be successful in this day and age is rising. Think of the skills sought after in the outside the home workforce and the list is the same – good organizational skills, communication skills, ability to multi-task, capital budgeting, etc. The list of skills needed to raise a family and stay at home to oversee (manage) the operation put mom in a pretty skilled position if and when she ever decides to enter the other workforce.

So why in blazes does mom get the bad rap in the press for choosing to partake in the most important position on the planet? If you think that claim is overstated, look at the families having to survive without moms due to premature death, divorce, or other reasons and a majority of the time you see a family in shambles. Back to the question –  somewhere in the last 40 years, liberals (in particular females) began to loathe stay at home mothers. The 60’s and 70’s brought in a new era for women in workforce rights, political rights, financial opportunity, and a general form of independence they had not known before in the nation. Was it well deserved and overdue – you bet it was. Did it mean that women who chose not to enter into the outside the home workforce were dopey, useless, and an embarrassment for other women – absolutely not. That did not stop liberals and feminists from panning stay at home moms almost with the same disdain they have for those of us from the South.

So the Mommy Wars with the elite liberal snobs and feminists has been ongoing since the 60’s. The liberals and feminists try to hide their hatred from the press as much as possible until some Super Mom gets too close to the political spotlight. When that happens, the acid in their tongues rises to levels of putrid stench rivaled only by the skunk. Take the latest bashing from Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen against Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney. In Rosen’s eyes, motherhood is a piece of cake and no work at all.  Rosen exemplifies the modern-day feminist liberal – they hate any women that is a stay at home mom that shows ability to excel at any job, shows higher intelligence than them, has more than one child, illustrates traditional family values, acknowledges God in their lives, and is genuinely happy and proud about being a mother. Should that women also happen to be gifted with beauty, then their feminist liberal hate for her goes nuclear. They see any women with these traits and values as a threat and will stop at nothing to suppress them. When a woman such as Ann Romney, who exemplifies all of their phobias, gets close to political power through direct election or through the election of their spouse, it is simply more than they can process and the babblematics turn on.

Ann Romney joins Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman as the latest for the libs to attack. What I find particularly interesting is that the feminists are bashing these women in the very manner that if an assault were to come their way via a male – well then all hell would break loose. Rosen tried to cover her trial by stating she meant Ann Romney was so rich, she could not have had any work in raising children – it was all paid for. So now she is back to class warfare.

The challenge with Rosen and her ilk is that they forget when you poke at the Ann Romney’s of the world, they have a whole army of supporters in mothers working at home and mothers working at home and juggling a career that this really ticks off. It may have been less than a microsecond after Rosen inserted her foot into her mouth that the backlash came after her. So much that she issued an apology less than a day later after feeling the heat from moms across the nation. Bottom line – don’t tick off the mommas in this nation.

Going to be a long 7 months to the election…..