From Riyad with love


November 6, 2010 | 4:52 PM

From Riyad with love

From Riyad with love

I had to watch election results for the first time in my life on foreign soil. Business took me half way around the world during the final week leading to the Congressional Mid Terms. Voting early was not an option this time, but a necessity with my schedule this past week.

This post is written in reflection of Riyad, Saudi Arabia. The very place where Coalition Forces launched attacks on Saddam in Desert Storm in 1991. I stayed in a compound that is just a block away from the compound that was blown up in 2004 and the basis for the movie “The Kingdom”. If you have not seen it, I suggest you rent it. This compound was one of 6 others targeted for destruction that same day. After the first bombing, the Saudi Armed Forces reacted quickly enough to disrupt the other bombings from occurring. I have added a few pictures to help bring the memory home. A bit of photo advice – remember to set your camera date before recording the landscape. I forgot and all my dates record a September date instead November.

The past 2 years since the election of the Anointed One and the Marxist trash that came with him has been a constant fight to keep the freedoms afforded to us by God and penned by the Founding Fathers through the Constitution. It has been a fight that conservatives won the first round of on November 2, 2010.  Round Two is in 2012. While we all know the importance of the conservative cause to keep those freedoms, sometimes it takes a walk into the belly of a different beast to have yourself face the realities of where we can be heading if we do not persevere and win this fight.

Case in point – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Perhaps no other Middle East country influences America in more ways than we realize and certainly in areas we do not need.  Saudi is a socialist center. The government (ie King Saud)  provides energy, education, jobs, etc. Barry O would be in heaven.  Saudi can afford to do this because they pull 12 million barrels of oil a day out of the ground and the US sucks up a majority of that. What is not sold is used to provide free gas to the energy plants to burn, subsidized gas to the public ($.71/gallon),  or burned in polluting desalination plants. Without the oil money, Saudi would run deficits that would make Obama’s look tame.

Now for the marxist that read my post don’t go getting your exit visas ready just yet. It all comes with a price – even for the absurdly rich. The government owns between 70 and 80% of every major company in Saudi, every “private” company in Saudi relies on government contracts of one form or another and dictates whether you stay in business or not. If you are getting housing, you can lose that in a heartbeat as well.

Religious freedom does not exist there. It is an Islamic state and if you are not Muslim then you darn well watch your words carefully for fear of losing your head – literally. You come into the Kingdom by invitation and that costs $108 in entry fees. On your visa application it clearly states that you will follow the laws under penalty of death. This is not a joke. Women are second class citizens in Saudi. Sharia law is enforced to the tee. These issues are well documented in other places, so I will not rant here. If  the thought of all this makes you uncomfortable then realize this as well – Saudi is exporting Wahabi Islamic teaching as much as they export oil. Over the last 30 years, Saudi has sponsored more mosques in the Middle East, Europe, and the US than any other country spending millions in buildings, staff, and clerics. Unfortunately, most of  teachings appear to be extremist in views and have been a large part in the rise of militant Islam. Nonie Darwish wrote a book called Now They Call Me Infidel which gives great insight to the current issues facing the religion of Islam. It explains much of the ignorance, prejudice, and anger that is experienced in Saudi and other Muslim countries that is falsely aimed at the West. I encourage you to read it. 

The bottom line is the government is in charge. Period. Now King Saud appears to be a decent fellow from what I could see and from what I hear. What happens if the successor is the next Saddam Husain or the nutcase in Iran?

So why bring all this up? Barry O was and is still planning a socialist America somewhere between Europe  and the Middle East styles. The drumming he took Tuesday set him back from the agenda he had to “reform” America. Make no mistake – he will recover. Obama is one of the most clear and present dangers to our freedoms this country has ever seen. He hates the America you and I love. He would love to be in the position of King Saud and be a “benevolent” ruler for the peons. That is until you tick him off and then God help you. He was in the process of passing every form of legislation to make the government ruler of us all. Now we have to beware of the hydra becoming “pragmatic” (that will be the new media buzzword for him for the next 2 years) to get re-elected in 2012. If that happens, do not for one moment believe that he could not usher in another round of congressional support to cement his place in power. The man is that dangerous.

So celebrate Round One for now, get a little rest, eat your Wheaties. Round Two is coming.

Ding Ding!