From the Magi to the Manger – Jesus is the reason for the season


December 25, 2011 | 3:15 AM

From the Magi to the Manger – Jesus is the reason for the season

From the Magi to the Manger – Jesus is the reason for the season

For quite some period of time, we have seen the attempt at secularization of our great nation.Religious principles of Christian heritage that are clear in the Declaration of Independence and the signing ratification of the Constitution referencing the year of our Lord are inconvenient truths that the intellectuals have been working to erase since the ink dried on those mighty documents.

However, the attack on Christmas grows in effort and in stealth every year. As a boy, I never heard “Happy Holidays” – it was always Merry Christmas. Now I realize that there are other faiths that occupy our great nation and I give them the respect they deserve.

Now it is high time to give Christmas the respect our Lord deserves. It is a Federal Holiday because we are a Christian nation that recognizes and welcomes the religious freedom of others, but had the boldness at one time to place the nation’s heritage first and foremost – as it should be. December 25 in not known as “Holiday Day”, it is known as Christmas!

When Hanukkah is celebrated by our Americans of Jewish Faith, do we call it  “Hebrew Holiday”?

When the those Americans of Muslim Faith observe the Hajj and their relatives pilgrimage to Mecca do we ask them to have a “Happy Muslim Day”

The answer to both, of course, is no. It would be silly and disrespectful.

So then why do we allow the birth of the Son of God to be desecrated in its celebration? I believe 2 reasons – One was a genuine attempt to appease the intellectual crowd and the other was a sheer loss of backbone to stand up to those that would literally eliminate any reference to Christ with Christmas. My friends – along with all the other political house cleaning that will be done over the next decade, we need to also focus on those who will help restore the religious heritage of this nation. Not to trample the rights of others to worship as they please or establish a state church, but a genuine defence of the heritage that this great nation was founded on.

So remember, be proud of our nations religious heritage in our Christian principles and our ability to embrace the religious choices of those who follow non-Christian dogma. It makes our nation great.

Jesus is the reason for the Season.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year!