H.R. 1 – For the Swamp


March 2, 2021 | 7:28 PM

H.R. 1 – For the Swamp

H.R. 1 – For the Swamp

This week the US House of Representatives will call for a floor vote on H.R.1 – For the People Act. It’s real motive and outline should have it called “Swamp Thing”.

I am not going to go into written detail on HR 1 other than a few key highlights:
• Eviscerates States Rights under 9 & 10th Amendments
• Shreds Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution
• Eliminates local authorities from verifying voter eligibility
• Lowers voting age to 16
• Refuses ID verification for mail in ballots
• Introduces DC and Puerto Rico statehood
• Move re-districting to the Federal Courts
• Overturns Citizens United

These are just a few bullet points. Here is the link to the bill – Text of HR 1 titled For the People Act

It’s also pinned on my website here under Pending Federal Legislation.

Just so you know – this bill is a proposed Constitutional Amendment and will require States Approval.

Here is the podcast link on my review of the part if HR1 – there are 3 huge parts – HR1 – For the People or the Swamp?

Here is the podcast link for my review of parts 2 and 3 tomorrow – Part II of Dissecting HR1 The Swamp Rat Act

Here is the issue – this will be voted on this week. This is the week to take action. Action means calling the Republicans and letting to know to vote against this. Here is the link to the House Roll –US House Member Roll However that will not be enough. There are Dems that must vote against this. I have a few names to call.

Rule to go by – do not threaten these Dems when you call. On the contrary, be nice and appeal to logic in my bullet points or the fact the States will never ratify it. IF you have to mention you’ll do whatever it takes to vote them out, do so politely.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has identified 47 house seats they believe can be flipped in 2022 – NRCC Announces 47 Target Seats for 2022 Roughly 4 or more Democrats need to vote against this bill to stop it here. This list of 47 name is where you start.

Now, if you need some talking points, here is one that was put together by others I am posting here for your use: HR1 Talking Points to US House Members
Here are my Top 6 to contact that I believe there is a chance of them not voting this out:
Jared Golden – ME02 He did not vote for the massive COVID (PORK) bill of 1.9T
Kurt Schrader – OR05 Like Golden, did not approve this bill.
Conor Lamb – PA17 He won a squeaker in 2020 against Sean Parnell. Losing jobs from Biden he is a target in this district.
Tom O’Halleran AZ01 The incumbent who also squeaked out a win on a border state now with open borders.
Charlie Crist – FL13 One the Republican Gov of FL, he flipped Dem over Trump. This mans knows this is bad bill.
Henry Cuellar TX28 One of the last possible blue dog Dems. Henry is not a liberal loon, but the libs want him out. This is Valley Rep and despite it voting blue, there are conservatives there.

In any manner, this is THE WEEK to be calling. This bill will be voted on. It’s better to stop it now than work on the Senate.