It’s 2021 and You Still Have the Right to Own a Gun


February 9, 2021 | 6:39 PM

It’s 2021 and You Still Have the Right to Own a Gun

It’s 2021 and You Still Have the Right to Own a Gun

If the “Summer of Love” of 2020 taught Americans anything – it taught us that certain liberal leaning government entities will release criminals, defund police where they can, and still have the brass nads to tell law abiding citizens that they are the real enemies for wanting to arm themselves.

You cannot make this stuff up.

So now with Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, it was inevitable that a bill to restrict your 2A rights would roll out.

So, our state loon Sheila Jackson Lee rolls out HR 127 to erode your rights. Now remember, liberals are still reeling over the 2008 Heller Case, where the District of Columbia was handed its ass in the Supreme Court and multiple 2A rights were upheld. Read the summaries here. You need to know it.Cornell Law on the Heller Case

What’s a liberal to do?

Well, they realized they missed their shot with Barry, so they are freight training old Dementia Joe and thus we have HR 127. Here is the bill in full and you have to read it- HR 127 Draft to House Judiciary Committee

In short – they want to create a registry database, grant powers of evaluation and investigation to the DOJ. They’ll perform the anal probe, plus a mental evaluation, and issue a license if you are worthy. Then you get to buy some insurance on top of that.

The bill is stating the Constitutional Authority is granted under Article 1 Section 8. Sorrry – nope. There is no enumerated power here.

Here is the real world on buying guns – if you have reports from your Medical Information Bureau for drug abuse, mental issue, domestic abuse, DUI, DWI, etc – you cannot buy a gun legally. Period. I know because we have an ATF FFL 01 Dealer license and I have done the checks and gotten the rejections.

So, they want you to be controlled on every level so only the government can provide you protection. That is provided you meet their standard for protection.

This bill is so invasive that only a moron such as Sheila Jackson Lee could have authored it. Hilter would have loved it.

So, how do you stop it? First step is to call every member of the House Judiciary Committee via email, phone calls and such and voice your opinion on the matter. Don’t be evil or ugly – stick to the facts. Here is the link to the committee:House Judiciary Committee

Should it get out of committee to the full House vote, then it’s a full House roll call.

US Senator Marco Rubio has rolled out his piece of legislation that would strip guns from anyone investigated for domestic terrorism – even if no charges are found. Marco’s Gun BanDo I need to spell out where that bill needs to go? You can contact Senator Rubio’s office at get his attention on that won.

It’s 2021 and you still have the right to own a gun.

Better be prepared to fight for that right.