Joe Biden – Outlaw President


November 10, 2021 | 4:47 PM

Joe Biden – Outlaw President

Joe Biden – Outlaw President

Boys n girls we are living in strange times.

A year ago Donald Trump was being impeached by the US House for a phone call that bureaucratic traitors didn’t like. House Democrats rammed it down the throats of nation knowing it would fail in the Senate. They would have the gall to do it again in after the January 6 protests got ugly, claiming then President Trump called for an insurrection. No such evidence existed then or now. As a matter of fact, more evidence keep percolating to the top that this was an inside the beltway setup.

Why was all of this done? Because DC hated Trump. They hated his bravado, they hated his tweets; they hated his policies that exposed them for the crooks that they are.

It lead to the theft of the 2020 General Election with states stopping their counts for the first time ever – an act announced and coordinated through social media giants Facebook & Twitter, only to have mysterious ballot dumps occur overnight. The “ballots” were all for Joe Biden, which is mathematically impossible. Judges and Secretary of States were allowed to amend voting laws of ballot acceptance, both in security and date. These violated Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution, but somehow legal approaches post-election were never on this ground.

Install Grandpa Joe.

Now, a full year after the election, Joe Biden is the most law crushing criminal to ever occupy the Oval Office usurping his former boss Barack Obama’s criminal activities. I hear people calling this Barry’s 3rd term. I’m not so sure. Barry has sent out statements in the press as advisories to Joe on reigning certain items in – including the border issue. While Joe may or may not be calling the shots, Brandon is relishing in his bully pulpit opportunities.

Let’s Get Criminal
Currently Outlaw Joe has 3 sets of Articles of Impeachment filed by specific members of the Republican Side of the House:

Georgia House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed HR57 right out of the gate in January regarding Joe’s crimes during the Obama Administration. Rather than make this blog longer, check out the link: HR 57 MTG Article of Impeachment against Joe Biden

In September, Rep. Gibbs of Ohio filed HR 671 against Biden regarding Violations of Constitutional Oath regarding the border, Violation of Separation of Power in disregard to federal moratoriums on evictions, and Failure to Act Responsibly in the withdrawal from Afghanistan. House Republicans Babin, Biggs, and Weber sponsored these Articles. HR 671 Gibbs Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden

A few days after Gibbs filed, Rep. Boebert of Colorado filed a similar Article with her charge of Failing to ensure national security in the withdrawal from Afghanistan. She added an additional Article of Giving Comfort and Aid to the Enemy charging Biden with the crime in the assets left behind.  Reps Biggs, Duncan, Norman, Gohmert, and Hice have all sponsored this set of Articles. Rep Boebert Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden

These are all very real Articles and all legitimate charges against this Outlaw. What I would like to see is these Resolutions combined into one filed set of Articles. I think a specific Article 4 Section 4 charge on allowing and encouraging an invasion should be included. You can also add another charge of Violation of Separation of Powers with the Outlaw telling businesses to keep mandating vaxxes in lieu of a Circuit Court Order staying the process.

If you are wondering why more US House Republicans have not signed off on any of these 3 Articles, well I would go back to the 2020 Election. Many Republicans hated Trump just as much as the Dems. They are stealthier about it, but the swamp is deep. However, I think if the remaining Republican House Reps phones and emails became buried in supporting Impeachment, I do believe they would get on board on re-election desire.

Now you can take these same charges and make the 25th Amendment Removal Action from the Cabinet. However, this Cabinet is so Woke and corrupt, they like what the Outlaw is doing. Kamala is the wild card here. How bad does she want to be POTUS? She knows by now her chances are being actually elected are zip, so why not take the Outlaw down and occupy 1600 for as long as you can?

But Darren, what about Kamala?
OK, let’s deal with this once and for all. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Joe must go by any and all legal measures. The removal slab is being formed, it just needs the concrete poured. Will Kam be a disaster? Probably, but I am more interested in who becomes the next VP and it won’t be Madam Drinker.

The 25th Amendment, Section 2 provides for the POTUS to nominate a new VP, which must be approved by both chambers of Congress. In the case of the House, it’s by plurality (number of states represented not party control). With the Senate a split, Kammie would have to nominate someone the House would approve, meaning we would most likely get a moderate for a VP. Why is this important? The Dems are not done trying to legislate their way into permanent power and a replacement VP is not a lock to break ties for them in the Senate.

So, bring on Kackling Kammie.

Also remember, Kam has issues from providing Aid & Comfort to criminals during the 2020 “Summer of Love” and her dereliction of duties in her current job are impeachable as well. US Rep Hice has already filed Articles on her for that very reason.

In short, if the Republicans can manage a recapture of the Congress in 2022, Kam could be on a short leash.

Back to the Outlaw
Last week, Republicans scored some major victories around the nation, most notably Virginia and massive gains in NJ and other races around the nation. Federalizing elections has not come to pass (yet) and there is still hope for 2022. Commies in the Congress in DC are on notice. This means that not every bill is a lock to get passed. Had it not been for 13 traitor Republicans, the Infrastructure bill (which isn’t one) does not pass. There might be an opportunity for Republicans to get one solid Articles of Impeachment Resolution filed that will capture some Dem defectors that want to be re-elected.

IF that fails, VP Harris has never been given a clearer path to the Oval Office than the one the Outlaw has provided. We’ll see if she has the nads to make the move.

Regardless, the Outlaw Joseph Biden must go.