Joe Versus the Volcano – Part II


June 23, 2010 | 12:56 AM

Joe Versus the Volcano – Part II

Joe Versus the Volcano – Part II

In 1990 Tom Hanks made a film called “Joe versus the volcano.” The storyline was about a man who thought he was dying and volunteered to sacrifice himself to save a tiny island. In the end, he learns how to live.

Fast forward 20 years to Congressman Joe Barton, R-TX, of CD6 who posted this statement on his Facebook page on June 17 – “…. today is hearing with BP ceo…..BP is definitely responsible for the accidental oil spill in the Gulf,and should be liable for costs of clean up ….BP should also, however, be given due process ….The President’s $20 billion fund,negotiated in the White House with the attorney general in the room, is unprecedented and smacks of a shakedown .” For this statement and those he made on the House floor got him excoriated from the likes of VP Joe “The Gaff Man” Biden, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and others. That is to be expected from those spineless goofs. What got the blood pressure up was the gutless action of Republican Leader John Boehner, Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, and others for calling Barton wrong. Here is a clip of the crimes –

Now whether or not you like oil companies is not the point – Barton was correct. We have laws in this country regarding liability and British Petroleum is not about to get off the hook. Obama’s Chicago style shake down was simply a pattern habit this thug brought with him to the Presidency. Since this clown has taken office, this fits in nicely with his nationalization of the financial markets, car industry, and healthcare. Barry O sees this “opportunity” in the Gulf as a way to usher in Cap & Tax and squeeze the oil industry he hates. We come to expect this style of action from this treasonous thief.

Which brings us back to Boehner and the boys. I have met Boehner, Cantor, and Pence and considered them decent, reasonably sensible men. Why on earth they would see Barton as wrong tells me their days may be numbered. Let me make this clear gentlemen – AMERICA IS TIRED OF GUTLESS WIMPS PLAYING THE PC GAME!  This disturbed me more about Boehner because he normally has a pair strapped on. Boys – better find ’em fast because there is a purging going on in the Republican Party right now preparing for a new beginning.

Sooooo, the DNC (Dumba@# Nazi Communists) began the drumbeat for Barton to apologize. I am sad to say that Joe did and is now being played as a fool by the Dems – Joe was my Congressman until redistricting in 2003 when I was given the joy of getting Chet “Lapdog for Pelosi” Edwards. I like Joe, even though I don’t always agree with him. Joe was showing courage and calling it like it is. Something we need in DC and I’ll be damned if the machine did not cave around Joe when he needed support.  However, Joe should not have backed down and apologized. The points he had gained were quickly lost. Joe – if you end up reading this – the district, state, and country will support you when you take a stand against this band of thieves working to take over the country. Forget about the press and the spin.

I have read blogs all over the place that echo the same thing in applauding Barton for taking a stand. I have also read the disappointment in the Republican Leadership for abandoning Barton and putting him in a position to apologize. Beohner, Cantor, and the boys threw this Joe to the Volcano of the DNC Mountain. I only hope this Joe, like the one from the movie, learns how to live in again. Politically, that is.