Let Them Eat Cake


November 14, 2010 | 3:03 PM

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

Barry O and the Obamanites have to be feeling some bit of confusion right now. Just 13 days ago, Barry’s Dems took the shellacking of a political lifetime in the 2010 Midterms. That victory by conservatives giving the Republicans a second chance to get the job right, is still being crunched by Obama’s staff on the various ways to spin the data. No one knows about the economy and its improvements, Rahm Emanuel gave Barry the wrong agenda, the Tea Party groups messed up the message, etc. The bottom line is that those pesky ignorant voters were getting in the way of Obama’s vision for America – one is which Barry the Benevolent allows you to exist from cradle to grave in the loving hands of your caretaker & undertaker the US Government.

Yeah, right. Those darn voters just decided that “Obamanomics” or the theory of “Strangle the Capital Markets and Scare the Hell of out every Free Enterprise”, along with Obamacare and Cap & Tax was not for them. The US House was the first target and in the process the conservatives recaptured significant numbers in the US Senate for a near tie there, governorships, and state legislatures in record numbers across the land.

According to the Anointed One – you and I just don’t get it. Obama’s comments in the post-election blood bath have been the equivalent of Marie Antoinette’s alleged famous phrase leading up to the French Revolution “Let them eat cake…”. This reference was for the starving peasants of Paris to eat the “cake” of bread called brioche. The bread was made from flour, butter, and eggs and was an example of how out of touch Marie was with the plights of the poor and how she really could have cared less. Change the time and instead of starving Parisians you have a large unemployed base of Americans, declining businesses, and now Obama’s post-election comments have the same hollow meaning.

Now Barry decides to take his Socialist Show on the road. The international community still loves Obama right? Well, something is happening globally that his Highness is not in tune with – countries are waking up to the fact that the spending has to stop. The recent failures in Greece and Ireland and impending collapses in Spain and Italy has the Euro on very shaky ground. Obama’s vision of spend lots now on borrowed money and deflate your currency so the chumps who lent you their money get stuck with the tab is not settling too well around the globe. When the US economy caught cold in 2008 and sneezed – the whole planet caught a financial cold. 

So now Barry is traveling Asia for support for his economic policies in the international community. The potential trade agreement with South Korea was seen by many as a done deal for the US and some serious “face” recovery for the Obamanites. In basketball terms, Barry had a lay up for a trade agreement with South Korea. America is the reason this country is free. We have a huge military installation there that keep them free. Even with all this, the South Koreans passed on an agreement with the US because of deficit issues. How much of an economic nobody do you have to be to bungle this? Even CBS, the Communist Broadcasting Station, is criticizing Barry the bungler http://www.theblaze.com/stories/cbs-news-obamas-g-20-performance-an-embarrassing-disappointment/. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

However, all of this is nonexistent in Obama’s head. You are I and simply lost and will come back home like the sheep we are. The world will see Obama is right and we are wrong and we will all kneel to him before the end. Privately, Obama will come back to his ideologue base and lick his wounds.  He can still blame Bush and the media will back his story one way or another.

In Barry’s World, we can all eat political cake for now.