Let’s Have Some Leadership – Please!


October 22, 2011 | 4:45 PM

Let’s Have Some Leadership – Please!

Let’s Have Some Leadership – Please!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of the current GOP Debate Drama. The sniping, “gotcha” questions, and the fact that no one can really talk about how they want to lead makes these formats old and busted. I had to take a week away from blogging to prevent my head from exploding over all the hogwash playing out in these “debates”. So today gentle musers, we are going to give some well needed advice to the GOP hopeful on what most conservatives really want to see.

This is an interview. You had best act like it or you will never get the job.
Since most of the people who will read this actually work at jobs or run small business, they have had the pleasure to interview or be interviewed for some form of position. I can assure you that no one ever got a job complaining about the last person they worked for or sniping at the person who opened the door to the interview. In an interview, you put on attire appropriate for the job, be sure to be clean and deodorized, and you talk about why you are the best for the position with your ideas, past track record, etc. In political terms this means TELL US WHAT IN BLAZES MAKES YOU THE MAN OR WOMAN WHO CAN LEAD THE FREE WORLD. We do not want catch phrases, we want a plan. Now for the political “consultants” who have these candidates flapping in the wind, that means:

1. Tell us about your background that in some order qualifies you to lead this great nation
2. Give specific examples of how your background addresses the leadership void that was created when BO stepped into office
3. Explain, in detail, what your Top 3 to 5 agenda topics are to help the nation including but not limited to:
 a. How the agenda items pertains to current US needs
 b. The potential Cost/Benefit analysis of the item (some good things can have unintended consequences)
 c. How you plan on getting the proper Congressional support of said item/s
 d. Your vision of how the item/s should be implemented
 e. When you estimate the US to receive the planned results
4. Cut the negative nonsense. We have had enough.

That’s not too hard, is it?

It’s not a Debate – it is an organized Question & Answer session. Why are you participating?
I can see one or two of these forums, but 5??? These are not “debates” in the true fashion where the candidates can ask one another questions and converse over each others position on a topic. These so-called “debates” are nothing more than structured Q&A sessions designed to throw a candidate their weakest topic and see how they respond so the liberal beat writers have something to crucify them on. Period.  If you want to know my real opinion on debates, keep this in mind – Barry Obama did not have the qualifications to deliver pizzas, but his “polish” and charm wooed the press and everyone from Joe College to Joe Six Pack and “debates” lead him to the position he currently soils daily. Just think about that every time you get a debate “winner”.

Stop the sniping and whining
With all due respect to Governors Perry and Romney – cut the nonsense and the jabs. We don’t want to see or hear it anymore. It’s not funny, entertaining, or educational. It’s petty and un-Presidential.  To Congressmen Paul – there is no conspiracy theory against you. The libs hate you and you know this. If you feel your being discriminated against, don’t play the game, but stop whining. Nobody wants a whiner for POTUS – we already have one.

Show some real leadership – NOW!
Going back to the This is an Interview theme and the fact that no candidate can promote their ideas in a debate environment, why continue to participate in this farce? Get out of this three-ring circus and go promote your ideas and may the candidate with best ideas and plans for implementation win. Here is press release I hope to see soon from one of the GOP Hopeful –

Today I am announcing a new direction in my campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. First, I want to apologize to the American People for allowing myself in getting caught up in the political hype of debates. I have allowed myself to criticize those whose only desire, as mine, is to restore America to the pinnacle of civilization that it deserves to be; to restore liberties and freedoms stolen under the Obama Administration and the liberal leadership of the 111th Congress; and lead our great nation forward into a brighter tomorrow. I want to apologize to those candidates that I have not shown the proper respect for their ideas on how to lead our great nation. Our goal as candidates share a common purpose in making Barack Obama a One Term President and all good ideas need to be embraced.

To show folks that I am the leader capable of being the next President of the United States, it is critical that I spend full-time talking to the American People about my ideas and plans for this great nation. To lay out and explain how I plan on improving our country in the following areas:
                                   Topic A
                                   Topic B
                                   Topic C
The reality is that I cannot promote my ideas on how to lead a nation in debate environments with controlled topics, limited talk time, and that do not allow the freedom to truly debate my competitors. As such, my campaign will not be participating in candidate debates any time in the near future. I need the time to meet the American people face to face to talk direct about my ideas and plans for implementation. I also need to be where I can listen to the American people and take in their thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams on make our great nation even better.

While this may not be the most expected move in a Presidential Nomination Campaign, I am not your every day establishment candidate.

And its time to prove it to the American People.