Obama’s War on Texas


September 26, 2011 | 1:50 AM

Obama’s War on Texas

Obama’s War on Texas

In case you were not aware, the Obama Administration is engaged in a war with the State of Texas. It is a war on the ideology of the conservative nature of the state, political reprimands against the residents of the state, and a frontal assault on the energy sector of Texas.

This all began in 2009 when Texas Governor Rick Perry, now Republican Primary Candidate for POTUS, refused that darned ole Porculus money offered from the Stimulus Package. That did not set too well with Barry, Harry, & Nancy and the assault on the Red State of Texas had begun. The fact that Perry openly thumbed his nose at Barry in his 10th Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and Religious stands did not set well with the man-child.

However, the Communist One was not done with Texas, in fact he was just getting warmed up. When Texas began to have one of its worst droughts in the history of the state and all the fires that ensued, ole Barry saw fit to deny Texas federal aid for its residents whose homes had gone up in smoke. It was a direct poke in the eye of Governor Perry, who could have the audacity to reject Porculus $$, but request fed money for fires. Just who in Obamaland did he think he was, this upstart Governor from Texas. In reality the Grand Puppett just angered hard-working people who had lost everything. The fires that have ravaged Texas this year could not give a flippin damn what political persuasion you were –  the homes were burned all the same. That means Democrats, Republicans, Independents, blacks, whites, etc. all got to witness first hand just what an ego centric child Barry really is. The Manchild at his best.  It caused enough fuss that Obama and Perry did not meet when Obama came to Texas in May – http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/05/10/perry-and-obama-take-a-pass-on-meeting/ 

Refusing aid caused some backlash within Barry’s support base and in the second round of Texas wildfires, federal aid was granted. Yours truly thinks it was to garner votes. This man hates Texans and we feel pretty much the same about this liberal loon.

Next on the targets for Obama was the Texas Energy Sector. In July of this year, the EPA issued a new Cross State Air Pollution Rule aimed at taking emissions to another lower level they saw Texas should be at. Will someone show me in the Constitution where the EPA has this power??? Anybody? The imposition of the new Rule was to be effective January 2012, which was well under sufficient notice for the state to have the Texas Center for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to get notice out, have plants comply, etc. The end result would be loss of energy for Texans through rolling blackouts, loss of jobs, and more economic chaos under the Obama Administration. Only this time, Barry’s EPA stepped in deep dog doo. You don’t screw with the energy sector in Texas nor do you cause the potential loss of energy in a state where air conditioning is not a luxury, but a necessity. Ever see how irate people get in 105 degrees with the heat index at 113 degrees? Five alarm political bells went off in Texas and with the Texas Delegation in DC – Democrats as well. The Texas D’s know better than to tick of the electorate over energy and potential loss of the a/c when it is not required. After about 2 months of pressure from all sides, the implementation date of the rule was pushed back to March 2013.  There is talk of lawsuits and this will be a political bashing bat for GOP POTUS nominees against Barry next year.

But Barry is not done – this past week Obama’s pet Eric Holder and the Justice Department went after Texas Redistricting Maps from the past legislative session. The Justice Department claims that the Maps, signed into law by Perry, violate Civil Rights of minorities. WHAT A BUNCH OF POLITICAL BS!!! When the D’s controlled the Texas Legislature they drew district maps that made mobsters blush and Republicans in the minority took it as what happens when the state is not in your court. Now let the state go hard right and draw maps commensurate with the votes, and now the Dem’s are screaming foul. This is what happens when a racist poverty pimp rises to the top of a political party and fools people into electing his sorry rear as POTUS.  Read for yourself: http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/obama-v-perry-justice-department-challenges-texas-redistricting-map-20110919.

Now Perry is a GOP POTUS candidate. My guess is he was somewhat motivated to take on the challenge in the Republican Primary to get a shot at taking Obama down personally. While Perry faltered some this past week in the Florida straw poll, in the end Perry will garner the GOP Nomination. Perry is a hard campaigner, can raise lots of money, and has the best track record of economic success of all the GOP candidates. That is not a knock on any of the other candidates, but a flat fact.

If my prognostication holds, that will pit Barry versus Perry for POTUS for 2012.

That my friends, will be better than the World Heavywieght Fight on Pay Per View.