May 5, 2011 | 3:33 PM



Doubt anyone will dispute being happy to hearing about the death of Osama Bin Laden. The key reason we are in this War on Terror was this man’s sick vision of 86’ing the US. It was more than a bit creepy that just the week earlier we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ and a week later whooping it up to OBL’s demise.

But hey – back to back celebrations are fine in my book.  I’m just not sure we are celebrating the right date on Osama’s demise.

Now do not get me wrong – he is dead. I am certain of it. Now whether that was his brains blown all over the place in Pakistan is what I’m just a little unsure of. The debate of whether he died a few days ago or a few years back is a subject that will start to see growing debate in the months and years ahead. So let’s get this conspiracy theory off and running!

Did Osama Bin Laden Die in 2002?
In 2002, there were reports circulating all over the place about Osama’s death. Do a little web research – while you can.  The New York Times reported OBL dead back in 2002 http://www.nytimes.com/2002/07/11/opinion/the-death-of-bin-ladenism.html and CBS followed up with their own story a week later   http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/07/17/attack/main515468.shtml. Both articles were in July 2002 when US forces were bombing the crud out of everything in Tora Bora. While I am not a fan of the politics of either The Times or CBS, I doubt they would run articles like these without some credible backing. It was a well-known fact that OBL had poor kidneys that required dialysis and had to be near equipment for treatments(Has there been any mention of dialysis equipment in this “palace” in Pakistan?). US Forces were monitoring any such facility in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the event he slipped over the mountains. While he could afford the equipment to treat himself, keeping them in blown up caves was not realistic. Then there is the fact that no one heard of OBL for literally years. While an occasional video would surface from time to time, there were never any dated materials included to verify when the videos were made, much less to know the voice was his. There are numerous arguments that those videos are all CIA creations. Since no one but the CIA has them, it is hard to get a second opinion.

Search the internet for this info while you can. My guess is that it will all be sanitized by the CIA and NSA over the coming months.

Here is why: The CIA helped to create Osama back in the late 1970’s as part of movement to combat communist Soviet forces. Former President Carter national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski formulated a plan for destabilization of Soviet forces throughout their Middle East and Central Asian Muslim republics by promoting fanatical Islam. Afghanistan was the first lab experiment and the Mujaheddin was the force selected to attack the Soviets. OBL was part of the Mujaheddin. That formula worked – perhaps a little too well. The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 after a decade of getting the crap kicked out of them by the CIA backed Mujaheddin. The Mujaheddin took over Kabul in 1992.

Bin Laden was so effective at hounding the Soviets that it is rumored that he was classified as an asset and given a covert name Tim Osman. Bin Laden was part of a very wealthy family in Saudi Arabia – a key US oil supply hub and access to the MENA region for operations. As such, these rumors are not that far-fetched.

However, the plan to destabilize the Soviets ended up blowing up in the face of the CIA – literally. Stories are that OBL went off the deep end and wanted all non-Muslim influences out of Muslim occupied lands. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, OBL wanted him dead as he considered Saddam a fascist. When Bush 41 did not have Saddam killed, OBL considered the US a “paper tiger” and decided to turn his madness against the US. You know the story from there. With what happened on 9-11-2001, the CIA knew that their “wet boy” had to be silenced and dealt with. Thus, a solid argument for why he died in 2002.

If he was already dead before May 1, 2011, it could give some plausible reasons for the burial at sea of whoever was shot to eliminate any evidence or lack thereof. Pictures will be debated from all sides, but a body on a slab with identifying marks is hard to argue with. Let’s also address a real critical issue – if you put OBL’s head on a pike in 2002, then you have achieved a huge victory right out of the chute and end the War of Terror right then. Would the CIA and armed forces have received the needed funding to stay on the edge and prevent the 9/11 tragedy again? Seems like a stupid question, as we needed a massive financial infusion into the armed forces to bring them back up to speed from the devastation of the Clinton years, but it is plausible.

If Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 1, why all the cloak and dagger tactics?
Then there is the real possibility that it was OBL who was killed in Pakistan May 1.  Pakistan has long been looked upon as the haven that OBL could have existed at. Pakistan has long promoted jihad over the Kashmir territory dispute with India and has been a known haven for questionable characters for years. It is also a place that the CIA could keep OBL under lock and key and under control. For the same reasons OBL would not have been proven dead in 2002 could also be used to keep him alive. If he is alive and able to be somewhat of a “controlled” asset, OBL could have been used to bring out key leaders in Al Qaeda that could then be picked off. Stories of correcting the Brzezinski plan have been out there and this could have been the cover the agency needed to reign in what they helped create. There has been unprecedented success of killing everyone but Bin Laden in Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups since 2001.  There are more than one story of the CIA finding OBL in Tora Bora in 2002 and letting him go.  Author and former CIA op Gary Bernsten wrote a book on it called Jawbreaker. Here is the YouTube clip on it and a Good Morning America interview with Pakistani residents in 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UGXVic15ho . The video shows the Pakistani attitude towards OBL and gives exposure to a book that calls the CIA on the carpet.

Abbottabad is also the perfect place to have hidden Osama. It is a military community, meaning it had the personnel to keep OBL in place, as well as the medical facilities nearby to take care of his poor kidney condition. The average Pakistani could care less whether OBL was there and would not make a peep to anyone with interested ears.

The Puppet finally gets to pull the strings…
So why kill OBL now and handle the body the way it has been? Well, frankly things have changed in administrations. Obama has people in the agency more loyal to him than to former President Bush. Somewhere it had to have been leaked of a potential whereabouts of OBL and that had to have come across the desk of Barry O. While Obama is no doubt a Muslim loyal, he is also a shrewd politician and campaigner. And remember friends, Obama is in campaign mode. Killing OBL gives him hard reasons to kill military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, which places him high with liberals and Muslims. Would he sacrifice one of his Muslim brethren for political gain? In a heartbeat. Obama would not have wanted OBL desecrated publicly to appease the Muslim world. So in one move he gets the man Bush could not and changes our motives on the War on Terror while disposing of the body in a manner that would keep Muslims happy. Let’s face it – most American’s would have preferred OBL’s head on a pike and his body for public display and ridicule. Obama is courting the Muslims…

The Political Opportunist
Sound too far-fetched? Consider that today Barry O makes his first trip to Ground Zero since becoming President. He could not do it in the prior 2 years for some unknown reason, but now that the 2012 re-election campaign is going he will find time as he continues to take credit for the OBL take down.

Is OBL really dead?
Oh yes. The only way any of this can be refuted is for OBL to walk down a street somewhere and give an interview and that is not going to happen. He is dead. Whether it was now or in the past, he is taking the celestial dirt nap.

Will the questions around Bin Laden’s death ever be answered?
No. What I have presented will be a spec on an elephants behind in the years to come. Like Kennedy’s killing, no one will ever know the truth but the puppet masters.

Regardless of the path he followed and the questions on when and where he died, Osama Bin Laden will go down in history as one of the most horrific mass murderers of all time. He will get to take his place beside Hitler, Stalin, and Ho Chi Minh.

May he rot in hell.