Our New Overloards


January 15, 2021 | 4:37 PM

Our New Overloards

Our New Overloards

One week ago, Big Tech censored the sitting President of the United States. The sitting President – let that sink in. President Trump, like him or not, should not have his voice taken from him. If it can be done to him, think of what they can do to you and me.

The basis is a flawed theory, in my opinion, and I challenge a presentation of proof that somehow President Trump caused the idiots who wreaked trouble at the Capital on the 6th of January. His speech was of peace and there are numerous videos of these people being let into the Capital. That is a fact. SO the nonsense of them “storming” the capital was crap. Now, the behavior afterwards was inexcusable.

So BIG Tech let loose. Twitter permanently banned the President, Facebook put an indefinite suspension on his account, Snapchat & YouTube barred him, platforms cut off his ability to fund raise; and the list goes on. An exodus of followers went to Parler, yours truly included, and only to see their server hosts Amazon kick them off their servers and shut down their site.

While I currently remain on Twitter and Facebook, I am looking for another place to park when the time is right. Simply checking out right now is exactly what these overlords want and I am not going to give it to them.

Oh, and these are all the same groups that sat on their hands while BLM and ANTIFA burned, looted, and murdered across the nation this summer.

Meanwhile, the silence from Congress has been deafening…..

Rather than come out with a swift Section 230 elimination bill for Big Tech, the only thing Madam Drinker and her gang of misfits could do was impeach President Trump for a second time in his term. Weaponizing that which should have NEVER been used. Just in case you missed it, unlike the first sham impeachment where hearings occurred and evidence (or lack thereof) was presented, no due process occurred in any manner…|

That should cause folks to pause for a moment.

Oh, then there is the list of companies saying they will no longer contribute to those that did their Constitutional Duty and objected to the Electors. While I am not sure that is a bad thing in principle, they should not be threatening those working for the people. I did not hear a pin drop when Democrats objected to the Presidential Electors of the 2000, 2004, or 2016 results.

So what’s a Free Speech advocate to do?

In my opinion, there is but one thing to do in a situation like this – GET LOUDER! USE YOUR POCKETBOOKI!

I mean it. The liberals have been doing it for decades regardless of election outcomes and have been quite effective. That means calling/emailing every elected Member of the US Congress and DEMAND 230 elimination protection now. If their phones and emails start to melt, it does get their attention.

Then there are the states you live in. Florida Governor Ron Desantis has instructed the State Agencies to divest in Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and Googles. It’s a good start and must be replicated by other states. How do you get involved? Just like the federal level, it requires phone calls and emails to every sitting person, Governor included, in your State Assemblies and Legislatures. This can be even more effective than the federal level.

Then there is the money side of your silent voice. I cancelled my wife’s Amazon account this week and I would suggest you do the same. Both the Twitter and Facebook are already paying a financial market loss of over 51 billion combined market values since Monday. When President Trump rolls out a new social media platform, these two will be worthless. Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank have come out and said they will not to business with President Trump. You should not either. Any company that has deprived President Trump his freedom of speech, ability to business, or any other piling on must be sent a message.

Here is a list of companies that have suppressed the President and have threatened members of Congress who actually had a spine.
American Express
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Commerce Bank
Deutsche Bank
Dow Chemical
Houston Chronicle
Kansas City Star
Marriot International
Morgan Stanley
NY Bar Association
Professional Golf Association
S&P Global
You Tube
For a full list of who is threatening your First Amendment Rights as well threatening those who tried to stand up for the Constitution, go to https://popular.info/p/three-major-corporations-say-they

It’s a long list and you have to see where you can and cannot move your business. Many of these you will never spend money with. Some you use every day. I quit doing business with Walmart and Nike a while back. Gonna hate leaving Verizon, but a message must be sent.

Is it going to be easy or convenient?
No in most cases.

The question is whether you want to continue to feed your new overlords or starve them out?

Freedom is never free.