Outlaw Joe and Big Bad Vlad


February 25, 2022 | 12:16 AM

Outlaw Joe and Big Bad Vlad

Outlaw Joe and Big Bad Vlad

In the midst of all the hand wringing over what’s happening in Ukraine and the mainstream media’s singing from the Outlaw Joe Biden Book of Hymnals a simple question gets lost in the chatter – does Russia have a reason for taking its current position on Ukraine?

Here’s a fun one – if the US’s had a major natural gas pipeline to South America and a Central American nation wanted to build a competing one that would render the US pipeline invalid and harm our economy, would we sit idly by and let it happen?

The answer is one that no one wants to discuss in the age of globalism and “sharing”.

Energy and the Russian Economy
About 12 years ago, Russia became the largest producer of crude oil, surpassing the Saudis. They built out an extensive network of refineries to take that crude and make refined products for the globe. They are also the 2nd largest supplier of natural gas in the world, 2nd only to the US. However the supply nearly half of the EU with natural gas. The sale of these products are over 60% of Russian revenues and huge part of the national expenses.

They rely heavily on 2 aging pipelines in Belarus and Ukraine. Ukraine gets around 2 billion a year in transit fees from Russia. A cost they would like to reduce, but it makes them money. Russia also supplies gas to Ukraine as well and issues over pricing have been testy in the past decade.

Ukraine’s energy allegiance to Russia is a vital part of Russia’s economic success. When Ukraine came close to signing an economic association agreement (The Outlaw had a hand in this) with the EU in 2014 it was viewed as an act of war in switching loyalty from Mother Russia to the West. Russia views Ukraine joining NATO along the same lines.

Ukraine did not sign in 2014 and currently is not part of NATO….

Not yet…

Regional and Cultural Ties
Loads of hoopla was made when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine 2014. Global pearl clutching has labeled this the most aggression by one nation since WWII. Frankly it was a load of fecal matter. Crimea had been part of Russia since 1783. Over time, including when Russia went Soviet, Crimea has always been part of Russia. It was only when the Iron Curtain fell that many now former Soviet states sought independence. Ukraine was one as well and it and Crimea formed a loose union.

The challenge has been independence was not working for Crimea so well. The issues in 2014 with Ukraine opened the door for Putin to walk in and take over Crimea. Crimea had communicate to Moscow a desire to return to the Russian. In March of 2014, Crimea had a vote to return to Russia. With 97% of their population voting, an overwhelming 83% voted to return to Russia. Here’s a great article on the Crimean return to Russia and some reasoning to why Putin is taking action in Ukraine now Russia & Crimea

There is a large Russian base of people in Ukraine as well as a large Pro-Russian sect of Ukrainians. Like Crimea, Ukraine goes back to the 1700’s with Russia and Poland. During the Russian Revolution, it broke off and became its own Republic in 1917 only to become a founding member of the Soviet Union in 1922. These people are like states are to one another in the US. They have family in both nations, speak the same language and the same dialects. Russia has always viewed Ukraine as “Little Russia”. The cultures there are different from Western Europe and the politics don’t always mix.

When all hell was breaking loose in 2014 and Ukraine’s Pro Russia President was ousted, Russia rebels took government buildings in Donetsk and Luhansk and proclaimed “people’s republics”. They have had eastern sections of Ukraine for over 8 years now. They even had a vote to become part of Russia again in 2014, but Moscow rejected that motion at the time.

Violence ensued for the next year until a peace agreement was reached in 2015. A major political victory for Putin came from this agreement with Ukraine having to grant special status to the separatist regions Ukraine Breakaway Territories and the 2015 Treaty .

Oh, these are the same regions Putin just recognized the independence of… And yes he will protect those sectors…

Remember that when Outlaw Joe sends in US troops…..

We’ve been here before with Outlaw Joe, Barry The Butcher, and Bad Vlad Putin
There has been an effort to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russia gas since 2009. In 2009, the Arab state of Qatar, a MAJOR supplier of natural gas, proposes a new pipeline to the EU that would cross Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. That pipeline would have brought an entire new supply line of gas to the EU. Why is this important? Well, as I spelled out earlier, our comrades in Russia sell a chunk of their natural gas supplied by state company Gazprom to the EU. Lots of energy dollars here. LOTS…. The US under Barry liked this plan of disruption, as it would hurt Russia.

Deceased Syrian President Hafez Assad learned to fly jets in Russia. In 1970, he visited Moscow and they got a weapons pipeline going. Syria was even counted as part of the Eastern Block of the former Soviet Union. In short, Russia and Syria have a history. Here is more on this topic: Russian and Syrian History

Bashar Al-Assad came into power in 2010 when his dad Syrian President Hafez Assad croaks of a heart attack. Putin moves in like a hawk to befriend Bashar. Bashar refuses to grant permission for this pipeline. Russia has been at his beck and call ever since and will continue to be. So, for anyone to think the US, UN, or ANY coalition is going to knock out Bashar without getting military with Russia is nuts. Here is a great article on the topic: Obama’s Pipeline War

Obama and Co. essentially started a war in Syria to try and get this through. One reason why I call Obama Barry The Butcher as he has blood all over his hands. When Syria failed, the Obama Administration turned to Ukraine as a possible ally in weakening Russia. Outlaw Joe, then as VP, headed Ukrainian foreign policy matters. This included monies – lots and lots of money.

While I am not going to re-hash the adventures of Joe and the gang, isn’t curious how many members of the Obama Administration as well as current and former members of Congress ended up having family members on Ukrainian energy boards?

You already know that Putin won in 2014 on the political front.

Oh, and he’ll win this round as well.

Why Big Bad Vlad is taking the World to the Woodshed
In the late 70’s the Saudi Royal Family brought a proposal to then POTUS Jimmy Carter whereby Saudi would invest and pay for the US to build refineries on US soil to refine Saudi crude.

Mr. Peanut passed.

Know who didn’t? Soviet Secretary Leonid Breshnev.

Saudi money began to flow into Russia building refineries that would lead Russia to the top of the refined fuels world last decade. Today 90% of all Saudi crude goes to Russian refineries.

Yeah, 90%…..

When The Outlaw killed the Keystone Pipeline last year, killed US drilling efforts, and shat on all things fossil fuel-wise in the US, there was more ramifications than just shutting off US crude production. It reduced the amount of available crude in the world. An opportunity that Russia stepped up to the plate with increased production.

Currently the majority global volume of refined fuels, including gasoline, is coming from Russian and Saudi crude sent to Russian refineries. That’s right folks – it’s not a tiger in your tank but a Russian Bear!

There will be NO serious sanctions against Russia. Putin is controlling the spigot on gas and Joe handed him the keys to the spigot.

Yeah, let that sink in.

What do we owe Ukraine?
I my opinion – very little! They are not a member of NATO and we have no formal defense alliance. There is a document done in 1994 under Clinton called the Budapest Memorandum Budapest Memorandum where the US, Russia, and Ukraine pledged to respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine. Had provisions for the UN Security Council to take action and provide assistance to Ukraine if she should become a victim of aggression. This was all done so Ukraine would give up its Soviet era nukes.

Guess that went out the window in 2014!

Under that UN label is does not say the US sends 14000 troops and not one other nation avoids soldiers on the ground. That’s happening because it’s Biden’s Ukraine; Hunter’s Honey Hole; and the bank roll for numerous political families.

Since its Biden’s Ukraine – let him go fight for it.

He’s about to get whipped by Big Bad Vlad….