PA-12: Close but not close enough


May 19, 2010 | 1:00 PM

PA-12: Close but not close enough

PA-12: Close but not close enough

There were two elections going on in the Congressional District of PA-12 last night: the Democrat and Republican primaries as well as the Special Election to fill the vacancy created by the death of US Rep John Murtha. Tim Burns has been campaigning for this seat since last summer when he & I met at NRCC School in Washington DC. This was before my debacle with XTO and I was campaigning on CD-17. Tim and I became good friends and have kept up with each others races. We were both in what many called “unwinnable races”. There was a key difference – Tim was the lone man taking on Murtha. While there was a glimmer of hope in beating Edwards, and I believe Flores will take Chet out this fall, Murtha was considered untouchable and Tim was almost labeled a kook for entering the race. Tim, like you & I, knows the country is headed the wrong way and wants to make a difference for his family and country. Tim is a patriot for just entering a race like this.

For the longest time in that race, Tim was not even mentioned amongst the hopeful Congressional seats the GOP felt they could take in 2010. Murtha had effectively bought out the conservative Dem district – the John Murtha Airport we all kicked in to pay for was part of the graft going on.  There were rumblings in the district of uneasiness when Murtha called his district residents “rednecks and racists” in 2009. PA-12 likes God & Guns, believes in the right to life, and are not too wild about taxes. I think they are Republican but just cannot say it yet.

When Murtha died last year, the whole perspective on taking the seat changed. Tim had been out hitting the bricks hard and suddenly the thought of this seat changing hands to the Republican’s was not far fetched. The Dems pulled long time Murtha staffer Mark Critz into the race as a symbol of Murtha past and present. There was only one problem – Critz was running from the National Democratic Party platform faster than a gold medalist in the 440 relay. Why, he would have voted against Obamacare and Cap & Trade! He believes in the 2nd amendment and lower taxes!  What a crock.

One of the unwritten issues facing the passage of any type of term limits is how to ensure the DC staffers don’t end up with more power than they currently have. Want to know why the Congress never read any bills? They have their staff do it and tell them what to do. All you have to do is look at Murtha’s liberal record and you know EXACTLY how Critz will vote. This person tells PA-12 one thing then flies down to DC to be a part of fundraisers held by Nancy Pelosi. Critz is every bit as two faced as our own CD-17 Pelosi lap dog Chet Edwards.

Critz took the Special Election by 8 points or roughly 10000 votes last night. It was not as close as the polls had indicated, but close enough to instill hope for the fall. Tim Burns won the Republican Primary last night so gets another crack at Critz in November. Hopefully, he can tie Crtiz to Murtha and hang the Dem platform around his neck in November. If he can expose Critz, he will take this seat.

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