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The Information Edge with Darren Yancy takes a concise look in key sectors of the economy, first responders, as well as rights under the Constitution. It is presented in a manner that shows the importance of each of these areas regarding consumer’s liberty and pocketbooks, examines existing and pending legislation on these areas, and then has both industry and political guests on for discussion on these topics.

Darren brings close to 40 years of business experience to the observational forefront in sectors that impact everyday America. Darren has held political appointment at county the level and currently holds appointment at the state level in Texas. A former candidate for Texas Senate, Darren brings direct experience to policy observations on legislative affairs and how they impact your liberty and your pocketbook.

Darren also brings his unique sense of wit and humor to the show to make you laugh as well as think.

Infrastructure Update with Congressman Bruce Westerman

Episode Description

As House Democrats and the Biden Administration look to break the piggy bank on an infrastructure bill that is anything but infrastructure, Darren visits with Congressman Bruce Westerman who is on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee as well as the Natural Resource Committee on issues with the bill, current impacts on various sectors of the economy due to the BIden Administration policies.


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