Puppet on a string


May 27, 2011 | 1:42 PM

Puppet on a string

Puppet on a string

 We all have known since the day this clown was elected that someone else was guiding Barry, rather “pulling his strings”. Challenge has been to figure out who or how many puppet masters have this marionette on a string.

During the first two years leading up to the mid terms the Big String operators were clear: Trial Lawyers, Unions, and the Communist Party. Barry saw fit that every form of legislation rammed through from Congress fit these agendas got his swift signature. The Lily Ledbetter Bill was the first gift to Trial Lawyers, the takeover of Chrysler & GM and placing bond holders in an inferior position was the Union graft, and closing Gitmo without a thought on where to house terrorists was the first of many gifts to the commies.

He kissed the behinds of the Muslim royalty to make up for lying about his religion, while sticking it the eye of our best ally in Israel. There’s been more of that recently and I’ll get to that.

Of course, there have been no larger Puppet Masters than George Soros and the Democrat Party. Obamacare, the out control spending, and outright attempts to make the US a Third World Country fit the desires of those Masters.

At some point, you would think Barry would grow a spine and tell the Puppet Masters to kiss off. Time to be his own man . He gave the graft that the Masters wanted, could he please make some decisions? The challenge here is that a man who never ran a business, made a payroll, or served in any form of executive capacity prior to this current job as POTUS is absolutely clueless on how to make decisions without others having the directive hands in his fanny. His own cabinet has had their hands up his fanny!

I think Barry tried on his own last fall in campaigning for mid-term congressman and we all saw how well that went. Sarah Palin wiped the floor with Barry in her efforts in campaigning, raising money, and promoting the conservative right-wing. I still find it amazing that political pundits have their head so far in their butt that they feel Palin could not beat Barry head to head. The Puppet Masters saw this and realized their prize marionette could not be left alone again.

So the obvious begins again.  The most glaring string pull has to be his meddling in the Middle East, with the cherry on the top being the use of military force in Libya. We all know Barry hates the military like the liberal, commie brethren that he is. To place US personnel and assets to be involved in a Civil War where the outcome is a huge unknown could have only come at the directive of his Masters from the Middle East in the Arab League. There has been some scuttlebutt that key women advisors pulled his strings, but that is way off the mark. Barry gets enough of being pushed around at home by Michelle to let that happen. Nope, his half-Muslim roots that pop up when he needs it, called their new favorite son for aid. Did that additional 2 billion in aid to Pakistan catch your attention? Thank God Netanyahu put this puppet in his place over his absurd plan to move Israel back to the 1967 borders in a proposed deal with Palestine.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcZtDrkuCd0&feature=player_embedded]

A few weeks back we hear the Enlightened One talking about immigration and how secure the southern US Border is from El Paso, one of our border cities seeing escalated violence over the past few years. Wow, Barry, what stat sheet are you reading from? Which special interest was pulling your strings this time to spout such crap? Less than a year ago, there was shooting on the border that hit El Paso City Hall. The violence rages on for our borders and illegals still pour in all around this idiot. No matter, the human puppet showed in backside again during the speech. Saturday Night Live did an opening parody on it and it is a riot. The El Paso times included it in a great story: http://www.elpasotimes.com/newupdated/ci_18068663.

The laughter had not even died down on this before his campaign machine pulled the jobs string and he came out with what will become 2012 Campaign fodder is his stance to business to just “step up” and start hiring people. Really Barry? After your policies have decimated the economy and you have added enough additional layers of regulations on business to choke on elephant, your great wisdom finds this pearl to lay on the business community? I figure George Soros had his hand up his rear for that gaff.

The challenge we have as citizens as that this human marionette still has a chance at re-election. Whether we like it or not, the killing of Osama Bin Laden will have an impact on the election, depending how he plays military policy. His liberal factions love what he has done in the expansion of government and will fight bitterly to keep him in office.

After all, this has been the best puppet for liberals and communists ever known to sit in power in a democracy.