October 5, 2010 | 1:50 PM



With the resignation of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel last Friday to pursue the Mayoral seat for Chicago, Democrats seemed to display mixed emotion on his departure. They were saddened by losing the force behind the Congressional change of 2006, yet happy that Obama had finally identified his sacrifice  for the failed policies facing his presidency in its first two years. Yes, boys and girls – Rahmbo’s name will begin to surface more and more in DC as an over aggressive Chief Of Staffer whose personal ambitions got in the way of the Great One’s benevolent agenda. As the Republicans are lining up to feast at the Congressional table, the Dems are trying to serve up a heaping pile of goat to deflect from the Great One. When the final toll for November sounds a defeat for Barry O’s Communist policies, every slow moving mammel available will be sacrificed on the political altar.

Now, do not think for one moment that Obama is abandoning Rahmbo. On the contrary, what is unfolding before our eyes is a staged repositioning. Obama’s political pit bull has been re-directed back to the machine that helped create the current mess in DC. While Rahmbo is being set up to take the DC political fall for Obama, he is also being rewarded for his service to the Democrat Party.


Look at the facts: He was national campaign director for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee in 1988. Emanuel then cut his teeth fundraising for the retiring Richard Daley back in 1989. He then helped then Governor Clinton fundraise his way to becoming President in 1992 and later became an advisor for Clinton.  In 2000, President Clinton named him to the Board of Directors for Freddie Mac. Hmm, see any patterns here? He ran for Congress in 2002 in the seat Rod Blogojevich resigned to seek the Illinois Governorship. He went back to the DCCC in 2006 and was the architect for the Democrat takeover of Congress in 2006.  As I have wrote many times, the Dems have been in control for 4 years, not 2. In short, Rahmbo is presidential timber to the Dems. Remember this in 2016 or 2020……

However, like all good soldiers, Rahmbo has his weaknesses. A fan of universal healthcare, Rahmbo was a driving force for this initiative during the Clinton years. That push, along with other reasons, was a dominant factor in the Republican Revolution of 1994. Sixteen years later as White House Chief of Staff, Rahmbo’s personal social stamp are all over Obama’s agenda. The recent Healthcare bill was put together by Emanuel for Obama. That bill is now a rallying call for every Constitutional Conservative in the Nation and will be one of the key reasons the Republicans will take over Congress in November.


The Chicago Machine
So how do you be the scapegoat and get the dream job at the same time? Look no further than the Windy City to accommodate this function. Rahmbo’s resignation to “pursue the dream of being Mayor of Chicago” is a strict set up and pay back for this soldier. Pull the blogs and read about how Mayor Richard Daley’s resignation was “sudden & unexpected”, that “no one saw this coming”. That’s true. It takes a few months to set up a political swap. Rahmbo declared his desire back in the spring after the passage of the healthcare bill. There is no doubt he and Barry O saw what this could become and started planning for  Rahmbo’s departure then. Emanuel has been advisor to Mayor Daley and former Governor Blagojevich and was friends with Barry O back to his State Assembly days. In short – he is in with the Chicago elite.

For most politicos going from Chief of Staff at the White House to campaigning for Mayor would seem a huge demise. However, the Chicago Machine has been good to Rahmbo and will keep him visible and ready for when the call comes for this soldier to go back to war for the Democrats.