Remembering 9/11


September 12, 2010 | 4:17 AM

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

Everyone has their memory of where they were and what they were doing when the news came out of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers.

I happened to have been heading to our office in Arlington, Texas when the news first broke over the radio. I had planned on taking my mother to lunch that day. September 11 was also her birthday. Those plans changed rapidly. As the news kept coming in and it started to become clear that this was not a series of freak accidents, but a planned attack against our great nation, my gut started twisting. Was Texas next on the list? Lord knows we have enough targets. I called my wife to have her get home and to see if she could get our oldest out of school.  I started going through a systematic checklist in my head of supplies we had at the house. Was this really happening?

When I reached the office our staff was pale, forlorn, and silent. Fax and email communications from every insurance carrier we dealt with sent blast messages regarding the incident, uncertainty of coverage, and office closings for the balance of the week. Like most financial companies, most insurance companies are housed in some form of office tower. We changed the voice mail and closed down.

I motored home in warp 1 speed just in time to see the second plane bank and hit the second tower on tv. I wanted to wretch, but couldn’t for some reason. Carol was home, but our school district was on lock down, so my oldest child of my 3 kids was not accessible. I was not a happy camper. We knew of procedures for storms and tornadoes, but not terror attacks. To this day I keep a vivid memory of what if something happened and I never saw him again……

Like most of the nation, I saw the towers fall. I saw the damage at the Pentagon and the story of another plane in Pennsylvania. I heard the name of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and all the history and kept asking myself “how in the hell did we allow this to happen?” When the schools came off lockdown and I had my son home, our home went on lockdown. By sheer luck we had been grocery shopping the day before, plus I am a camping nut who always has a plethora of canned goods. It was time to hunker down and see what was going to happen.

No more attacks came. As I watched the days events over and over again on the tv, I knew our country would never be the same again. I was not sure what that meant at the time, just that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I thought of my 3 kids, all just babies at the time, and the one on the way Carol was pregnant with. The new one was not due for another 6 weeks, but the trauma of what was happening threw my wife into labor. This was not a good thing – Carol is 4 foot 10 and weighed all of a 105 lbs pregnant and all 3 prior kids were C Section. The docs tried to different drugs over a week to get her back to normal, but my 4th child was born 1 week to the day after the attacks on September 18, 2001. Darren Gene Yancy, Jr , or Gene as we call him, took the 5 weeks early delivery in stride I am happy to say. My wife Carol came through like the trooper she was and handled the C Section in stellar fashion. I was still at DEFCON 1 and damn near having a nervous breakdown over bringing my 4th child into the world at war 5 weeks ahead of schedule.

Nine years later and we all know the history – Bush kicked the crap out of Al Qaeda and made our country a safer place. Whether we all agree on the tactics used or the theater of play where the response occurred, a response was required and America gave one. We may not have been as popular as pre-9/11, but the rest of the world feared having America coming after them. In retrospect, the Bush Administration may have done too good of a job. Americans got comfortable and complacent again and it opened the door for the Democrats in 2006. Remember kids, the Democrat loons have been running the Congressional Asylum since 2006, not 2008.

Now we have Barry O and the Obamanites who cannot even use the word “terror”. Our President apologizes for our great nation and kisses the backside of our enemies. Obama does not even qualify for the term “Paper Lion” – he is more like a declawed cat. What moron makes his first move to shut down the very place where the scum of the world is secure and observed without so much as a plan of where to go with these creeps. Alas, this is the world of Mr Pollyanna – our current President.

The best thing we can do to honor those that died in the attacks and those that have died since protecting your babies and mine is to get back to the polls and vote some sense back into Congress. I want America effective, independent, prosperous, and well armed just  to mention a few items. I am not concerned about being everyone’s friend. Oh, and if you want the US to play world police unit – pony up to the bar and pay your tab.

America is weathering a new attack right now from the liberals in DC. In less than 2 months we begin the process of protecting and rebuilding our great nation again. If you have any doubts, go and find a re-play of the attacks and remember how you felt. Think of the financial ruin the liberals are trying to inflict upon us now. If successful, we will not be able to afford to protect our great nation and will be subject to more attacks on US soil. Add all of this up and ask yourself the question – Are you better off now with the libs in control ? If the answer is no (God help you if its yes), then remember 9/11/01 when you vote on 11/2/10.