Saving The Republic


December 18, 2020 | 5:37 PM

Saving The Republic

Saving The Republic

For those that think the Republic is lost, hold back the despair. She’s battered and bruised, but not lost. Yes, the Great Theft of 2020 has been perpetrated on the masses. So, you can either bow your head and crawl into the dark and submit to the forces of evil or you get off the ground and rub some dirt on the wound and get ready for the next round of battle.

I’m covered in dirt from head to toe.

Gonna leave one hell of a film in the shower.

I’m told the first stage of therapy is admitting you have a problem. Well, I am admitting our problem is the fact that the fascist liberal Nazi’s outsmarted our fannies. They threw everything including the kitchen sink at Trump – the key was the ability to stuff the ballot box.

I find it odd that many liberals still do not understand that the crime that has been committed is not their friend. If election integrity is not corrected, what stops anarchy from razing the nation? Ya know, most of those 100 million or more guns belong to the folks on the right… No one with enough sense to come in from the rain really wants America to be a banana republic, yet we are but one more election cycle away from this potential reality.

So, how exactly do we stop this from happening ever again? Glad you asked – here is the blueprint.

Make Mail in Ballots Secure
The reason Absentee Ballots have not been an election integrity issue in the past have been the process used in the issuance and tracking of said ballots. DISCLAIMER HERE – I am putting forth data from my experience in Texas on this process. I have been told they are virtually the same in other states, but I have no proof.

An Absentee Ballot requires existing voter registration of the individual, proof of ID, and a verified signature of that ballot against the registration. The ballots are also what is known as a “solicited ballot” in that only the registered voter could request the ballot with their known registration. Additionally, only ONE ballot would be issued to the voter (with a ballot number for tracking) and if you lost it, you have to go through a very detailed verification and swearing out process to get another ballot. The Absentee Ballot process is so strict in Texas that if someone requested this ballot and did not mail it back in time and wanted to vote in person on the day of the election, they were turned away to take their ballot to the County Registrar’s Office. I know because I have done it as Election Judge.

I have it on good authority that Texas will be introducing a bill this Session to make all mail in ballots fall under the Absentee Ballot guidelines and eliminate what is being termed “unsolicited” ballot requests. Unsolicited ballots, which I believe torpedoed this election for fraud, can be sent by Party officials and have no tracking and done in mass.

Texas will pass such a measure this upcoming spring and as many states as possible must do the same and I do think the motivation will be out there for Red states. The liberal states like this little ace in their hole and will never give it up willingly.  If you are of the notion that this should be a “federal” movement – here are 2 reasons why that will not happen: Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution places this squarely at the feet of State Legislatures and do you really think something like this could come from Congress?

Voter ID
I am not going to list the items you have to have ID for to get or participate in. The reality is that Voter ID must be passed in as many states as possible. Every time you hear a liberal Nazi scream “voter suppression” get right back in their face and scream “no more rigged elections!”

Article V Convention of States
This one is a longer and heavier load to lift as only 15 of the 34 needed states are signed on for this. If this is a new term for you, Article V of the Constitution allows 2/3 of the States to call for a Convention to propose Constitutional Amendments that the US Congress must follow. Think about that…..

Getting to 26 to 28 Red states should not be an issue, but it has been. The current election fiasco and COVID authority abuses make it the time to revisit this.

What about the 6 or more Blue States that would be needed? There is one reality, to the detriment of Red States, which might get them to sign. Blue States do pay more in taxes to the federal government than Red States and therefore fund many poorer Red States. A re-allocation of funds might be an alluring enticement, but then those poorer Red States will have issues.

No easy solution here, but a potential pathway.

Lawyer Up, Spine Up
For those that have listened to me or read my past rants, you should know I am no fan of lawyers.

“What do you call burning down all the law schools in the US?”

A good start.

However, the realities are unless we as a society are willing to go back to the stone ages and live in a mud hut on our butt, these scoundrels are needed in certain cases. The liberals have been ruthless in using the law in getting candidates elected and intimidating the election process better than any other group in the US in the last 50 years.

I suggest to either buy this book or find where you can download and it read it: The Blueprint – How the Democrats won Colorado. Here is an Amazon link It tells how, what used to be a solid Red State was turned using tech money and lawyers. It’s the current road map being used nationally. The reality is politics are a full contact sport and you have better get good on offense. Either a PAC needs to be formed on a current one adopted and have a crack legal team to do the libs in full attack what has been done to conservative America. No hold barred, no guilt, and no mercy. Certified results show Trump had 74 million voters; we will not know the true amount for some time but it will come out. If a third of those voters send $5 to a PAC to be the legal tip of the spear……

Also remember, the judiciary has been reshaped under the Trump Administration and should be true to the Constitution.

In the end there are but 2 options to save the Republic:

Puss out or Patriot Up