Ten Days to Changing of the Guard


October 22, 2010 | 5:11 PM

Ten Days to Changing of the Guard

Ten Days to Changing of the Guard

Just in case you have been sleeping under a rock, early voting began Monday October 18, 2010. With few exceptions, voter turnout is up all over the nation. On average, Republicans appear to have the current upper edge 47 to 40 percent in votes cast. However, do not count the Dems out.  The 40% is higher than what was anticipated and no one has an indication of what this weekend will hold when folks can get a chance to vote that cannot during the week.

There are no hard and fast numbers on how early voting numbers project election day results, but the trend is for more and more Americans to vote early and be done. Through October 21st, 3 million Americans had cast their ballot. That number could be equalled over the weekend.

As Conservatives, we have 10 days to get liked minded people to the polls to change the guard and begin the process of restoring liberty to our great nation. Ten days to get people off the couch that may not see the light through the tunnel of the current dark ages. Ten days to start the changing of the guard.

Not that we need a reminder, but here are few reasons (the list is wayyyyy too long to hit in its entirety) we must get people to the polls NOW:

  •  Congress has passed 2, trillion-dollar plus budgets we cannot pay for
  • Congress has passed Obamacare
  • The US House passed Cap & Trade (Crap & Tax)
  • Obama broke the law with GM/Chrysler stock debacle and Congress stood by and applauded
  • This Congress has enthusiastically shredded the Constitution for the Anointed One

In short, we are in battle mode. Just as when Paul Revere made his famous Midnight Ride and warned colonists that the British were coming, as conservative patriots we must wake the masses and alert them to the fact the socialists are here and now is our first chance at stopping their advance.

Let the ride begin!