The 2030 Timeline – Evolution or basis for the next Revolution


December 6, 2019 | 1:49 AM

The 2030 Timeline – Evolution or basis for the next Revolution

The 2030 Timeline – Evolution or basis for the next Revolution

About 12 years ago, my father was telling me about a shift in the politics of construction and building. My dad was the first LEED certified engineer on the globe – literally. He spent 50 plus years with one of the largest building material manufactures on the planet.He was telling me how the increase in LEED certified projects coming down the pipeline was incredible and that the new standards would have global impact. “Sustainable” was just becoming a buzzword meaning the source of something had to be green (natural) and renewable. I thought it interesting, but paid little mind to the conversation at the time. He also referenced the year 2030 and said something to the effect that he hoped to be dead by then.

Go to construct any project in the US and the environmental standards and LEED requirements add 30 to 40% to cost factors. Have fun trying to get around the standards.

The mention of 2030 as a future date of issue did not really get my attention then. It does now.

Saudi 2030
In the Spring of 2016, I had the unfortunate experience of being cooped up in a London hotel for 3 days. Got to watch of lot of Brit TV. Two interesting things were announced while I was there: 1. The UK’s potential of leaving the EU or “Brexit”; 2. The Saudi 2030 Plan. It was all the buzz in the UK. When I got back home, the topics were no where to be found, This was my post then that I updated a few days back: The 2030 plan is the Saudi’s plan for divestment from oil as a driving revenue source and preparation for the first steps for the Aramco IPO – which was forecast to be the worlds largest offering.

The Saudi’s are still swimming in oil and wont be out in 2030, so why the commitment to get out now? Were their reserves far less than thought? Why sell off Aramco? The answer lies at this site: If you don’t want to go through all of that, let me summarize – Saudi is selling off Aramco to fund its economy for the benefit of its citizens as it transitions from oil for revenue. Saudi has always had the dough for Arab Socialism and the concern is the change could have a significant change to benefits. Ya think? I had not clued into the fact that the Saudi’s are firmly part of the New World Order in how we power the planet and care for the people that occupy it.

The Green New Deal
We can laugh at this all we want – global climate freaks and deep, dark money want this to happen. Oh, and that 12 year timeline comes to fruition when? 2030. That 12 year timeline has nothing to do with the end of the world from baking in the sun, drought, or raising oceans. Its the date of when a very long laid plan comes due. Ever wonder how BHO came out of nowhere and took the Presidency in 2008? Remember his speech in Denver on how the world will now begin to heal? Was HRC to be to Manchurian Candidate that would carry on the global transformation we saw under Obama? If so, you start to understand why the far left of the Democratic Party is now in charge and plowing ahead with the plan. Trump is an obstacle that must be removed to get the train back on track. Damn the torpedoes!

Look, I want clean air and water and I am a green energy guy. However, there is no way to implement this plan in this timeline without bankrupting the economies of the world. The cost is too high, the tech is not ready for the load, the job displacement will be unlike anything ever seen or experienced, people will not have the ability to live in the standards of cleanliness we now have, and people will flat starve to death. I am not saying a transition cannot take place, but a 50 to 75 year plan is more realistic. So is this 12 year farce actually happening? Read On.

UN Agenda 2030
There’s that damn date again.. A few months back, the UN came out with their Agenda 2030 plan that went mostly unnoticed here in the US. Have to admit I missed it as well till I came across a rather snarky view of the plan today. The author is almost as big of a smart ass as me and I loved the translation to common person speak: The article outline is accurate on their goals and the timeline for completion is now a date that should concern you.

Money & Lawyers Lining Up Against Fossil Fuels
In the past few months I added energy to the radio show. As I started research, I began to notice some issues not to be found anywhere else in the media of radio or television. Insurance and capital are what keeps the world rolling and some very significant seismic shifts were happening with no media attention. After the Paris Acord in 2015 (yes the one Trump just withdrew from and Pelosi committed Sedition and violated the Logan Act by going to Spain and saying the US is still in.), extreme pressure began to be exerted on insurance companies to get out of insuring “dirty” energy like coal. Insurance is a business of layers. the company face you know takes part of the risk, the other is bought by companies who are unfamiliar here in the US. These are known as re insurers. After Paris, they began to get out of projects in energy that include coal This places more pressure on the front end company and if the pressure is enough, they quit playing the game. Recently, Chubb became the first US company to back out of coal. Others are expected to follow. If you cannot get insurance, you cannot get the permit for the project….

Investment reports are now coming to light that US Shale projects that were funded 5 years ago, are not hitting the returns. Shale is natural gas – you know the clean energy source the US has plenty of…. Word is many new projects will not have funding. Oh, and the millennial crowd that has money has no intention of investing in any form of fossil fuel. OK, so the Big Boys have to come in and self insure projects…. Well…

Recently, Exxon was sued by New York and Massachusetts for allegedly lying to investors about the impact of climate change. Colorado is also seeking a suit. If any of these states are successful, the tobacco and asbestos suits of the past will feel like chump change. If the wildcatters cannot get insurance or loans and the Big Boys are bleeding from the nose, how is the US to stay in fossil fuels?

Did that light bulb just turn on?

This is not on any ballot for you to vote on. This is not being covered by ANY major media outlet.

Are you ready for 2030?