The BP Oil Rig Explosion – accident or a domestic act of terrorism?


May 14, 2010 | 9:04 PM

The BP Oil Rig Explosion – accident or a domestic act of terrorism?

The BP Oil Rig Explosion – accident or a domestic act of terrorism?

One of the key elements in bringing new products to market is to create the demand. The applies to the political process as well. If you want a new bill passed and your lackeys in Congress lack the brass tacks to make it happen, create the element that sparks a fire.

Cap & Trade (Cap & Tax) passed the House last year and has been gathering dust on the desks of the Senate. Our illustrious leader (gag me!) Barry O is feeling pretty full of himself right about now. Forget the polls – the manchild has much to do before the garbage is taken out in November and he just pulled off the greatest resurrection since Lazarus in the passage of Obamacare. So why stop there? Those pesky conservatives have not a clue what is good for them. Don’t we realize global warming is real and we must get away from fossil fuels, etc, etc?

Don’t get me wrong – I am literally a green capitalist. I like the environment and I enjoy providing for my family as well as I can. When the two can come together its a win -win. However, I am not for forcing renewables down peoples throats and taxing the tinkle out of them to walk down the renewable path. Get products that work and ones business can make a profit on and let the market handle things. Then I remember the bozo that sits on the throne at 1600…..

Which brings me back to the BP oil rig – this is a company that has had one of the best environmental records amongst energy producers that pay off inspectors. I realize that statement can be an oxymoron, but BP has been pretty good at not being nabbed. Now an explosion occurs that no one can give a real solid explanation for. What I have been told by friends I have in military intel is that a mini-sub was spotted on radar close to the rig right before the explosion. Thoughts are it was torpedoed. Do a search on the web and you’ll find a plethora of theories around this.

 Now, just a blink after Obamacare is passed we have one of the worst oil disasters on record and the environmental groups are going ape. How could they have approved the drilling??!! What were we thinking??!! Oh, and for those of you sleeping in a cave – John Kerry (son of Lurch) and Joe Liebermann (Elmer Fudd’s love child?) have introduced a kindler, gentler form of Cap & Trade. Lots of support they say! Why, everyone can agree we need this bill now to save our future! Here is the youtube post if you can stomach it : 

Now I know you are thinking – our government would never stoop to such tactics. For the most part I agree with you, but then the current regime is not like any we have ever had before. They know the time is ticking and power will be taken from them this fall. New legislation the likes of Obamacare and Cap & Trade are far more difficult to repeal than most care to admit. The libs know now is their window of opportunity that may never come again and they will fall on the sword for their cause. If you have failed to understand the resolve behind the libs, take a deep breath and wake up to reality.

Somewhere Barry O is smiling.