The Cap & Trade Shell Game


June 8, 2010 | 8:33 PM

The Cap & Trade Shell Game

The Cap & Trade Shell Game

In the shell game of keep the country confused, Barry O and the Obamanites (aka the Libs in the US Congress) have passed Obamacare, grandstanded on the Arizona Immigration Law, and have absolutely sat on their hands during the British Petroleum Gulf Oil Spill, While the nation watches the sly hand of these charlatans direct us this way and that, the other hand has been very busy working to achieve the Third Jewel of the Socialist Triple Crown – Cap & Trade.  The other two jewels of takeover were the financial sector and healthcare.

We all know the ruckus caused last year when Cap & Trade passed the House and was sent to the Senate with glee by the Obamanites. They just knew the bill would pass the Senate and these pesky citizens would come to understand that the Elites knew what was best in saving the planet. However, the American public went into a tizzy. This bill and health care was like throwing gas onto smoldering embers and members of Congress got their head handed to them over the August recess. We the people were getting our message across to not pass such un-Constitutional laws in town hall after town hall! Right?

In one of the most remarkable comebacks in history, enough to make John Elway jealous, Barry O pulled off a “Hail Mary” and the Obamanites passed Obamacare in March. The nation was stunned.  We staggered around as a country for weeks until we had the Arizona Immigration Law and the BP Gulf Spill to wake us from our disbelief. So while the nation argued over immigration and why the gusher in the Gulf could not be plugged, Barry O ordered his minions back to work on Cap & Trade. Kerry & Lieberman introduced the kindler and gentler version amendment to Cap & Trade on May 13….

Here is the cold, hard reality on Cap & Trade – the EPA is poised to do the dirty work regardless of whether the bill passes or not. EPA Head Duck in Charge Lisa Jackson is an environmentalist diehard and  would be a crew member on “Whale Wars” were it not for this current job. She has declared CO2 as a threat to human health and is on a very serious level unstable.

In January of this year,  Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska introduced  Senate Joint Resolution 26 ( as a measure to curtail in the EPA. What SJR26 does is prevent the EPA from placing every environmental utopian dream into the Clean Air Act of 1970. The EPA is using this Act an end-around way to regulate  green house gases without the passage of Cap & Trade. With immigration becoming more toxic and the August recess rapidly approaching, Libs in Congress view the EPA as taking care of business so they can tell constituents back home during the recess that they did not pass Cap & Trade. Another shell game and SJR26 kills it. The vote on the measure is June 10.  Americans for Prosperity have a direct call link to the Senators that can make this measure happen and rein in the EPA. That link is 

If the Senate can maintain a spine long enough to pass SJR26, then we can put Cap & Trade back under the microscope. If SJR26 passes AND the Senate can keep Cap & Trade from coming to a vote before the August recess, then it may indeed die. If SJR26 fails to pass – hide your wallets.