The Godless Ghouls in Hollywood


July 19, 2010 | 1:12 AM

The Godless Ghouls in Hollywood

The Godless Ghouls in Hollywood

While I recognize that not everyone in Hollywood has given in to getting rid of God in their lives and professions, I certainly can make a strong argument that a majority of Hollywood has sold their souls. Libs love this as it fits right into to their “no responsibility/slaughter the unborn” lifestyle. We get bombarded from more sex and violence on tv and cable as well as the less than Christian examples set by the starlet brats who have kids out-of-wedlock and have the manners of goats. Behind the production of what we see are studios, producers, and directors who have decided they must worship the dollar, and not God,  at all costs to be successful. You can take any pick of movies being cranked out by Tinseltown to validate this theory I have decided to pick on 2012 – the story of the earth’s destruction on 12-21-2012.

The ancient Mayan’s were first-rate astronomers and had a solid understanding of our seasons and the impact from the sun. I have personally been to the ruins in Chichinitza and seen the Mayan “observatory”. It is stunning and makes you wonder about just how advanced they were. To assume that the world would come to an end in 2012 during winter solstice, as so many claim due to the end of the Mayan calendar on this date, is a farce for the tabloids. The assumption on the doomsday theory revolves around planetary alignment in the solar system, proximity to the sun. etc. Only one problem – this “alignment” occurred in 1998. It was one hell of a hot year, but we all survived.

Enter the movie 2012, now on rental because smart people quit paying for it at the theaters. The movie is based on all this nonsense and had a huge build up and then flopped at the box office. I waited for it to hit Blockbuster and rented it a few months back. The first showing was what I expected – lots of special effects, which I wanted to see,  and one lousy storyline. When you are watching for special effects, details evade grey matter stimulation. This was not like watching The Sixth Sense.

The movie came up on cable today and the kids and I wanted escape from the 105 outside heat here in Texas, so we kicked back and enjoyed.  On the day all hell breaks loose, ie 12-21-2012, I noticed that there was absolutely nothing referring to Christmas in any way in any manner around the world. I know at the Yancy household that 4 days out from the birthday of Jesus, we are in high gear of celebration. Instead, the hero is taking his kids camping at Yellowstone! Now there is a Christmas treat. As the world falls into chaos, amazing shots of religious icons are shown crumbling into bits. The statue of Christ in Rio, the destruction of the Sistine Chapel that shows the crack beginning between where God reaches from Heaven to touch the hand of Adam, as well as the fall of the Vatican itself rolling down on the precious souls praying to God for salvation are all mocking gestures to the lack of faith this movie was produced with. I thought there might be some redemptive quality when the President of the US, working to deliver truth to the masses, starting reciting sections of the Bible. Before the President could get to the meat of the prayer, a volcanic cloud hits the Whitehouse and cuts the television feed.

There was one reference to God in that the flotillas everyone were save to carried the name of “ark”.  However, that homage was quickly shot to the waste basket at near the end when the date and marking of time was done in a new format, thus replacing any reference to Christ in our lives. The new “age” had begun.

While Hollywood has the right to produce garbage and we have the right to reject what is produced, it would be nice to see some attempt at balance. As parents we have to work harder and harder at screening what is available to our children. While there are family channels and family movies out there, they are vastly outnumbered. Even the icon names such as Disney have been moving towards more “non-traditional” programming and movies for years.

As far as 2012 goes, we can get some religious relief from this date. That represents the year we get  to exercise the current demon from the Whitehouse. It will be Biblical.