The Home Of the Brave


November 11, 2010 | 1:50 PM

The Home Of the Brave

The Home Of the Brave

With so much politics going about at lightning speed, I sometimes forget about the patriot part of this blog. Veteran’s Day is time to pay homage to all those that allow us the freedoms we hold so dear.

When you think about all the conflicts our armed forces have been through since the forming of this country, you have to stand back in awe. America is free because we have shed blood on this continent and so many others in the name of freedom. Those that have died before us did so out of love, honor, integrity, and because the courage of God ran in their veins. Those that have served who did not die and serve still have the same qualities and as a nation we are so very grateful.

It angers me to no end when I read or hear liberal diatribes that classify todays armed forces as “impoverished youth with no options in America”. What a bunch of baloney. Our armed forces are volunteers! No other nation on this planet has the volunteer force that we do.

I am still ashamed of how this nation treated Viet Nam Veterans. While I never witnessed some of the cowardly acts against our vets, I have heard and read enough to make me ill. All they did was defend this nation from Soviet Communism and they were vilified for it. I hope one day we can make this up to you as a nation. You were brave in the battlefield of war and the battlefield of crappy public opinion. Please forgive us.

I often wondered what goes through our brave freedom fighters minds during political change in this country. There is a huge difference in how Reagan, Bush 41 & 43 revere the military as opposed to how Carter, Clinton, and Obama despise them. The differences in political mindset can mean one Commander who cares and wants you safe and will do everything possible to help our armed forces versus one that will do everything possible to secure military defeat. How brave do you have to be to enlist in that environment?

I have a younger brother that graduates next May. He is deciding between the Marines and the Navy for enlistment after high school. He cannot wait to help be a part of the forces that keep America free. I asked him how he felt about serving under the Anointed One. He told me that is why America needs more volunteers now than ever to help protect against his decisions against democracy. I could not agree more.

Thank God for all of the veterans, past and present, that sacrificed so you and I can be free. Their courage and our gratitude cannot be properly measured in words.