The New China Syndrome


August 28, 2011 | 7:03 PM

The New China Syndrome

The New China Syndrome

Folks, aside from Barry’s Change & Hope Socialist aspirations, there is even a greater enemy out there wrecking havoc on America that has went under the radar for too long. I am talking about the Chinese. We have been under every form of economic attack for some time, going back into the 1990’s. They have a load of slave labor that has been ridden to dizzying heights for technology and industrial development. Development that undermines civilized labor in other countries, including our own, and has allowed a plethora of inexpensive goods to flood the market.

Now, we all know that this is not the first time we have heard this song and dance. In the late 70’s and early 80’s Mexico played this part. Then Japan in the 80’s, theN Korea in the 90’s, etc. Any  place that had cheap labor worked for a while until the labor wanted a greater standard of living and wages rose. While that has happened to a small degree in China, wages in that country have in no way come anywhere near any other industrialized nation for one simple reason – China is a communist state and will never allow the wages to become an issue.

China also has a large tract of land and more people than anyone else, so it would take generations for the wages to come up to middle class levels even if they were a capitalist state.

While the Chinese dump goods on the US, if you want access to the Chinese market, you build a factory there and employ their citizens. Hmm – kinda like that and maybe we should employ this tactic on companies seeking foreign trade with the US……. Free markets are only free when the playing fields are level. In our case with China, that would require about a 50% tariff. Our current tariff on their goods  is under 5%…… Even on the US goods built in China, the Chinese place a 20 plus % tariff on. Someone explain to me why he have chosen to take it direct in the shorts from the Chinese?

China’s greatest issue is its lack of natural resources. That have no oil, gas, or coal to speak of. They are importing everything and pollute beyond any reasonable measures of control. They are promoting a toxic environment for their folks that is creating severe health issues and ultimately they could end up completely poisoning themselves into seeking new ground. Currently, they are buying JP54, D2, Mazut, and crude oil from the Russians. THE RUSSIANS! Yeah, one commie country making another one rich. Have to hand it to the Ruskies – they do not let their environmental zealots run their country and are banking billions along the way while we sit back and cut off drilling permits from US companies. The Chinese are buying iron ore from Mexico, Brazil, and Australia in record amounts with all the cash they have from our stupid butts buying their products. Does anyone ever wonder why they have been building one huge military? Were you aware that the treasonous bastards at GE are selling military level avionics to the Chinese?

It is time to deal with the Chinese. We should have allowed McArthur to engage with the Chinese last century when we could and would have whipped their butts straight up. Now, 60 some odd years later after allowing everyone to copy the US economic plan and out perform us, we get to deal with these people on a level where they have the upper hand. Not our brightest move. Reagan would have never steered this nation down this path, but then Reagan was a man and we have the man-child. I am not a fan of tariffs, but I will make an exception for the Chinese along with the investment in plants and US citizens to sell products here. Time to fight fire with fire.

Oh, and for those that argue the Chinese have great quality to go with those great prices, check this little story from China on their construction techniques That was from 2009.

Still feeling good about all the crap you buy from China?