The Obama Census Police


May 27, 2010 | 2:34 PM

The Obama Census Police

The Obama Census Police

This past Tuesday a woman in Yuba City, California lost her life over the Obama Census. Yes, you read this correctly – a woman lost her life over the Obama Census. Read the full details:  Apparently Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin was not accustomed to having strangers knock on her door after dark. Neither am I. Come knocking on our door where I live after dark and you will be met with a 12 gauge or a .40 caliber. I live in a nice neighborhood and so did this woman – locale has nothing to do with protecting yourself and your property.

There is dispute about the precise time the census worker came to Roger-Vasselin’s door. The Census Bureau claim it was dusky around 8pm, the victim’s son claims it was dark around 9pm. I am siding with Roger-Vasselin here because the cops showed up around 10pm. According the Census Bureau, the worker had a gun aimed at her when Roger-Vasselin refused to answer questions. The worker called the police and then the cops came. If the cops are responding to what they perceive as a hostile situation, they don’t take an hour. The bottom line is that the census worker was not to have been knocking on doors after dark.

I have mixed emotions on the police. People have the right to protect themselves. The census worker was out late trespassing on private property and lucky she was not shot. I know the police have to respond on complaints, but the question I have is whether this census worker even had the right to call the police on the issue. I do not blame the police for doing their job, although I believe this was an over-reaction on their part. In the end, the death of Roger-Vasselin is squarely on the hands of the Census Bureau.

We had a little run in with Obama’s Census Police as well. I filled out the necessary info on the form when it came and sent it back. Well, I guess big brother did not like my “omissions” of info that is flat-out none of their beeswax. They had a man come to our home in the daytime. Carol answered the door and he began asking her questions. I came to the door to see what it was and he introduced himself as a census worker. Claimed my form never came in and they needed the information. I told him I had already sent it in. He then got indignant and stated something to the effect that it was never received. Hmm – I never got any return mail back on it. Was the fact I was campaigning for the Texas Senate and a strong advocate of State Rights and Nullification having any weight here? I asked the man to leave the form and I would re-fill it out and send it back in. It just so happens that I scanned my first one and if I had to do another one, I wanted to be darn sure they matched. At this point, he flat-out got hostile and used his admonishing father tone -“I’ll just mark it REFUSED“. Fine with me, Mr. Jerk. When he went to his mini van parked at the edge of my drive, he was there for a solid 10 minutes. I’m sure photographing and taking notes for the Obama Gestapo. I had just about enough of this dude and opened the door and started to walk out to his mini-van when he started it and left.

When Republican Senator Judd Gregg removed his name from consideration as commerce secretary last year that was a signal that something was afoot with the census issue. Gregg saw right then what Barry O wanted and refused to take part in an un-Constitutional power grab. Gregg is a patriot. Barry O is not.

Article 1 Section 2 of the constitution, which deals with the responsibilities of the house of representatives, spells out clearly who is responsible for the census: “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

 It is clear that the intent of the constitution was to designate the responsibility of census taking to the house of representatives. It is also clear that the founding fathers did not want the president of the United States to have too much power, which is why we have the three branches of government, the old checks and balances that the Democrats talked so much about over the last eight years.

Obama has no authority to oversee the census and is why I continue to use the term The Obama Census Police. Make no doubt about it – we are in a police state right now. The only argument is the degree of totalitarian weight Obama is using against the people. There is no Constitutional doctrine, theory, Article, or Amendment for fining people for either not completing the form or taking participation at all. The Constitution gives the House the right to conduct a census – it does not place a requirement on citizens participation. It is assumed citizens, not illegals, will participate. Until now, this has not been an issue. No other census has tried to pry into personal information not needed while at the same time ignoring the basis principle of verifying the citizenship of the very participant.

The administration should run the following commercial – “Participate in President Obama’s Census. Your very life may depend on it.” Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin’s life did.