The Once and Future Tyrant


February 1, 2014 | 12:06 AM

The Once and Future Tyrant

The Once and Future Tyrant

With apologies to T.H.White, the reign of Barry Obama is no fantasy. In fact, this has been a 6 year reign of terror against Christianity, liberty, the Constitution, self responsibility, employment, and economic opportunity. I have been thinking of a new nickname for Barry to reflect his hacking away and massacre of America as she once was. Barry the Butcher has a wonderful ring to it, don’t you think? Now I could write numerous volumes of all the atrocities against freedom committed by The Butcher, but this list hits the highpoints. I am curious if Candidate Obama would have loathed any of the following had they been done by Bush 43:

  • Ignored traditional Christian ceremonies like the National Day of Prayer.
  • Stood idly by as the NSA spied and collected data on millions of American Citizens.
  • Made Executive Orders the Second Legislative Branch.
  • Preached how you did not build this – the damn government did!
  • Kept disgustingly high unemployment numbers that drop only because people have given up on looking for work.
  • Oversaw the worst economy since Jimmy Carter and that of the Great Depression.

I think Candidate Obama would be appalled like we are right now. Whether Candidate Obama was really Barry the Butcher in hiding or aliens took the real Barry and swapped him for the tyrant in making we have now, I can’t say.

History has taught us that Tyrants come from many different backgrounds, but they have several things in common:

  • They seek public office under the false pretense of serving the poor and downtrodden people, the huddled masses, and those treated unfairly in open economic markets.
  • Once in power, create constant crisis after crisis that only the government can solve, thus creating the false need to grant government more power.
  • Berate the private sector by any means possible. This can be through crippling legislation, creating class warfare, or preferential treatment of certain segments of an economy over other segments.
  • Keep a nation poor. Tyrants spend more than the state brings in and engage in economic policies that intimidate free markets and cause free capital to leave its economy.
  • Consolidate power through bypassing democratic bicameral houses of government with laws designed to increase the Tyrants power and intimidate its enemies from action against it.
  • The Tyrant then uses its powers to declare itself “supreme” and all facets of democracy gone and the foundations of a republic are eroded into dust.

Any of these look a tad familiar today? Do you see a trend from The Butcher? At any other point in time, these actions would have been called out for what they are – the rise of a Dictator. The Republicans have the spine of a gnat and attempt to call out The Butcher from time to time, but I have yet to see anyone in the House (Dems included) pull out Articles of Impeachment. By the way, the Press and the Democrats had better wake up against this joker. His trend of abuse sets up only a few options that are bad in any case for them. If The Butcher does complete his path of complete tyranny, what do they think he will do with them once he has achieved power? Should he actually leave DC in 2016 and glide off into the sunset, the precedents set for the next president, regardless of party, will have been set in stone for further abuse.

In other words – the members of the House and Senate, R’s & D’s alike, better start reigning in The Butcher while they can.

I’ll let you guess where The Butcher is on the steps to tyranny with his announcement to grab more power at the State of the Union Address.

You’ll notice that Negotiation was not on the list…..

Are you sweating yet?