The Separation of Church and State


May 25, 2010 | 3:05 PM

The Separation of Church and State

The Separation of Church and State

I need to get into the polling business. Apparently there are plenty of people who need to trash their money and enough folks willing to read the data.  I do my perusing and musings in the morning after the kids are off to school. Carol & I have our time to feed the animals, catch up on things, etc.

Lo and behold I come across the following today from the Texas Freedom Network that Texans back the separation of Church and State. . Now this does need to set up properly – I make it a point of going in and reading the liberal rags to see what the loons are cooking up. You do this once you run for public office and find your flesh being roasted daily by the oppositional kooks. Initially I was perusing the liberal nose rag The Burnt Orange Report and their current feasting of Republican CD 17 Candidate Bill Flores. Over in their promo corner I see this post and I have to check it out.

Wikipedia defines the Texas Freedom Network as “… a Texas organization formed to counter the Christian Right.”  No need to draw a roadmap here – they are loons. Now what’s funny is the polling organization, Greenberg Quinlin Rosner Research, is known for being affiliated with the Democrat Party ( Add these two toxic brews together and you get one heavily left leaning poll.

Now I have never claimed to be a Constitutional scholar, but I have read through the document. I have yet to find in the Preamble, The Bill of Rights, the body document or its Amendments to contain a provision for the separation of Church and State. It simply does not exist. When a review of a poll begins with the words “Large majorities of Texas voters believe separation of church and state is an important constitutional principle…” beware of the garbage to follow. So this “poll” contacted around 972 people – 601 likely voters (hmm Dems maybe?), supplemented with 219 likely voters age 18-29, and phone oversampling of 152 suburban/exurban likely voters. No age range on them. The last time I checked, 972 people no more represents a majority of Texas than 30000 people represent a Texas Senate District with nearly a million people. The point is that the poll is rigged to give the payor of the poll, Texas Freedom Network, the impression that Texans are fretting over the State Board of Educations recent battle over curriculum. We know the curriculum has passed, but is being challenged. We will have to push the Texas Legislature to keep the approved curriculum on the books – no pun intended. This poll is a joke as are the researchers behind it and Texas Freedom Network. Check it out for a solid laugh –

Those that left Europe and came to America did do so for various reasons and freedom of religion was certainly a key. However, they left because the Church was running the State in Europe. That has never been allowed to happen here. The last time I checked, neither the Pope or Protestant leaders harass Congress to have Churchs run the State. However, it is crystal clear from anyone that has the ability to read and comprehend that the Constitution was written with Judeo/Christian beliefs as the intertwining fabric of the document. Our Constitution was founded with the belief in God and that it should be a part of the State and its core structure. Unfortunately, conservatives have allowed the liberals to move religion out of the State and in doing so ushered in the moral decline of our great nation. We are still a conservative nation in majority and it is time to push this issue back our way.

I left my opinion of the TFN poll at the link in this blog. You might do the same to let them know there are people watching them.