The Trick to Turning the Tide


November 1, 2021 | 2:08 AM

The Trick to Turning the Tide

No, this is not my trick to get a political treat for the evening. Truth is that this last year has been a ball buster. I’m not going to re-live them here – we are all weary of the communist invasion at all levels in our nation.

However, after being placed into shell shock from last years POTUS election steal and wondering around in a fog for a few months, the nation that still leans more right than left is waking up and fighting back. And – we are making some head way as well….

Now before you accuse me of being on a Halloween candy haul sugar high – stay with me for a minute. I’m not saying things are better under Biden, cause they are not. What I am saying is the nation is awake and fighting back harder than the commies thought we would. For example –

  • People are calling out CRT in school board meetings, challenging the boards, even running for office now;
  • City Councils are feeling the same effects and are being challenges in meeting and for elected seats;
  • States are doing their Constitutionally right and duties in pushing forth election integrity;
  • States are fighting Biden at almost every Executive Order turn;
  • Ron Desantis is showing what true leadership is and setting an example for other conservative Governors;
  • The election audits are starting to show the truth in what happened. Yes, I know we don’t have de-certifications yet, but I do believe we will;
  • While the House has lost all sanity, some unlikely help has come through with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate in blocking the federalization of elections and other spending. It’s by no means over, but it could have been worse right now;
  • While I stand behind my previous written opine that the House has lost its mind, it’s slowed down on slamming bills out as Dem’s are starting to realize they are cutting their political throats;
  • People are sending corporate America and Biden a message that we can and will live without vaxx mandates, masks, and other political infringement on our rights.

Now, could I post issues many times over on the negatives? Of course I could! The point is that we are starting to turn the tide. All the calls, emails, website queries for politicians being called out on the carpet for being the POS commies they are is starting to have an impact.

The trick to turning the tide back to save America is you and I doing all we can do to be steadfast, not giving in, and not giving up.

When you realize your saving a nation, that’s a pretty neat treat.