Thinking of voting for Chris DeCluitt? Here are some reasons to just not do it!


May 14, 2012 | 3:27 PM

Thinking of voting for Chris DeCluitt? Here are some reasons to just not do it!

Thinking of voting for Chris DeCluitt? Here are some reasons to just not do it!

It’s early voting in Texas and time to get back into the swing of the political landscape. The winds of change (good or bad?) are upon us and as responsible voters in my state head to the polls, light needs to be shed on the darkness certain candidates operate under.

This warning is for the good people of Waco, McLennan County, Texas and in particular District 56. There is a snake trying to enter the henhouse….

In November of last year in central Texas there was a mild earthquake that ran the length of I 35 from Waco to Ft Worth when conservative Republican Charles “Doc” Anderson of House District 56 was challenged by fellow Waco resident Chris DeCluitt for the Republican Primary for this seat.

I’ll explain why the earth spun a little off its axis as we go through the story.

First, in the efforts of total disclosure, I need to stress right out of the gate my views towards DeCluitt are less than favorable. As a matter of fact, you could say I think the man is a sub-surface, fecal-based, paramecium.  It is my sincere desire to have all those that might cast a vote for this troglodyte know the truth about this person and vote for anything but him.

Doc Anderson is a solid conservative in the Texas House and has been advocate of the taxpayer – meaning he is a fiscal tightwad. He does not believe in government waste, he is socially conservative, and as an actual business owner he sees the ramifications of how bad legislation impacts the electorate. That is not to say Doc is perfect. He had some tax issues last year that caused some pr problems and his support for Joe Strauss did not set well with the conservative base that elected him. I was not fond of the Strauss support either, knowing Doc benefitted from over six figures in donations from Strauss. Doc is by no means perfect, but then no candidate ever is.

The reason DeCluitt is opting in for the run is because some of the political big wigs in Waco don’t feel that Doc brings in the bacon for McLennan County anywhere near enough. This is from a county that was home to the Lapdog of Nancy Pelosi Chet Edwards, put out to pasture by Bill Flores in 2010, and RINO State Senator Kip Averitt. Averitt was the Democrats answer to Waco and they loved him, but conservatives had enough of him in 2010. Yours truly got the process started in the State Senate Primary and uncovered a pile of trash on Averitt during the primary. Averitt faked heart issues to avoid having the press dig into the real issues surrounding Kip. Without digging too much into the details, let’s just say one of Kip’s companies (Hard 8 Realty) had some license, tax, and verifiable existence problems. If you want a real story, call the Indiana state prison system and see if any recognizable names show up on the list.

Then there is the boondoggle up at Possum Kingdom Lake and the Morris Shepherd Dam. Kip’s hip pocket was attached to TXU and Comanche Peak and that lead to the eventual closing of the hydroelectric power units at the dam, which has caused problems since. You can reference my earlier writings on the issue. DeCluitt, then President of the Brazos River Authority, was right in the middle of the mess. Now before we go too much more into this mess, as I want to properly disclose it, I need to complete my claim to you of the multiple reasons to not vote for DeCluitt.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Chris DeCluitt at the Ballot Box for District 56:

Reason #1 – DeCluitt is an attorney. We have had far too many lawyers in the State House over the last 30 years drafting legislation that requires more lawyers to interpret those laws and even more lawyers to keep them enforced. Keep the lawyers in the courthouse and not the State House.

Reason #2 – DeCluitt is a slumlord. This is a claim made by the Waco Tribune Herald, not me,  in an article published on February 8, 2010…/Two-Waco-area-. The Trib has changed a few items and you may need a subscription to review this. DeCluitt lists on his website as being “…President of the Sovereign Corporation, a local company that deals in property management.” If you are receiving Section 8 federal money in addition to rent, why have such deplorable living conditions for your tenants? In my opinion, it says a great deal about how DeCluitt really feels about the masses he plans on representing.

Reason #3 – DeCluitt is a Democrat in hiding. It is a well know fact DeCluitt was a big supporter of former Senator Kip Averitt and US Congressman Chet Edwards, the darling of central Texas Democrats. With Kip gone, those same central Texas Dems are rallying behind DeCluitt to get back the “…significant political influence…” (from DeCluitt’s website) McLennan County had when the likes of Democrat Chet Edwards was in DC spending you and me into a mountain of debt and RINO Averitt was in Austin taxing the daylights out of your water rights. DeCluitt plans on working to resurrect those plans “To guard and direct the proper use of our natural resources, especially our limited water supply”. Interpretation – he plans on following in Kip’s footsteps to tax you to the poor house on your water rights. He has been endorsed by tax hungry pacs such as Texas State Teachers Association and Texas Medical Association TexPac. These pacs only rally around candidates committed to finding a way to funnel more pork to their cause regardless of how taxpayers feel about cutting cost. Oh, and for those of you thinking we need more money in education for teachers – you’re right. However, before we can pay teachers more, school districts need to trim the lard of administration and overhead we have in Texas that are not helping teachers or kids.

Reason #4 – DeCluitt has no respect for taxpayers. I’ll give you 2 specific examples. He has already claimed he will “… guard and direct the proper use of our natural resources…” yet he has no plan for this outside of creating tax districts to punish you for using your water. How else, other than rob you of your water rights through legislation, is he going to guard it? What is his definition of proper use? I am willing to bet that no one in District 56, or anyone in the rest of the state for that matter, just leaves the faucet running for the fun of it. We all know the value of water, especially our farmers and ranchers who have seen their water costs sky-rocket under Kip Averitt’s tax policies. So what is that proper use? Example 2 – in 2010 when I campaigned against Averitt in the SD22 primary, Kip claimed “health issues” for bowing out after filing. Funny, all the people in Waco and Austin thought he looked great. DeCluitt was being groomed to eventually replace Kip and this challenge disrupted the process. DeCluitt personally launched the re-elect Kip campaign so a McLennan County candidate could retain the seat. It almost worked, with taxpayers footing the cost for a Special Election and a Run Off Election when Averitt did step down after winning the primary to avoid the spotlight of the truth. The cost was well over a million dollars of taxpayer money to hold these elections.

Reason #5 – DeCluitt’s existing track record of mismanagement at the Brazos River Authority. This is a culmination of all that is wrong with this man and could be used as a singular reason to keep him away from the State House. The hydroelectric units at the Morris Shepherd Dam provided cheap, clean power for residents for decades. It also was the control valve, so to speak, for letting water down the Brazos River. That release system kept the Brazos flowing, preventing stagnation and other health issues, and allowed communities like the one in Granbury to grow and prosper. I am not going to rewrite the entire issue here, I have blogged in detail on this. Please refer to,,, Not light reading, but most of you reading this now are most likely familiar with the story.  In short, several bond issues were done for maintenance on the dam and the hydro units at Morris Shepherd. The most recent was a 2005 issue for $12,875,000 which came on the heels of a 2001 issue for $8,925,000. In 2005, the Brazos River Authority (BRA) also started negotiations to sell off the power production unit at Morris Shepherd to Brazos Electric Power Corporation (BEPC). The reason for sale – according to papers on file with the BRA, the BRA was not able to make money on the power. This is such a misguided statement and is detailed in full in the other blogs. In August 2007 the paperwork was complete and BRA shut down the power to the dam in “tossing the keys” to BEPC.  This began the cause of a series of problems. The BRA claimed they needed to also focus on water, which meant selling water to the highest bidder. However, when the sale went to BEPC, over 3.8 million dollars of the 2005 bond issue was not used and unaccounted for. How do we know this? DeCluitt himself wrote it in response to the heat coming down on the BRA over the issue, especially from residents in Hood County. Eventually the sale to BEPC came unravelled and the BRA ended up with the power production units back from Morris Shepherd. Instead of completing maintenance, getting cheap power back to people, and improving water flow down the Brazos; DeCluitt oversaw that the power units would be removed. He, as then President of the BRA, ensured that the Brazos would have a “natural flow’, going against data from paid professionals that clearly showed potential problems with this approach to flow management. To date, you and I as residents of Texas are still paying for that 2005 bond funding and somewhere $3.8 million dollars still goes unaccounted for.Z7143_DeCluitt_Letter

There were also some nasty rumors on what DeCluitt did when GOP is for Me, a Republican grass-roots organization geared at increasing Hispanics within the party, was formed and seeking formal recognition. It is rumored DeCluitt snubbed the newly formed organization over issues of race. I do not have the full story and it warrants investigation.  Contact Duke Machado at the website and get the story for yourself.

This is not a man of character or integrity. All the political, business, and community involvement DeCluitt touts cannot cover up the fact that at the center of his being is a great big, empty hole that DeCluitt needs to have filled with power from your tax dollars. In a time of crisis in our nation, state and individual rights need a champion to fight for them, not someone who has a clear track record of disregard for the common person.

Doc has a few battle scars, but he has been a taxpayer champion for District 56 and the rest of Texas.

As far as voting for DeCluitt – just don’t do it!