Time to Secede from the United Nations


July 15, 2011 | 11:25 PM

Time to Secede from the United Nations

Time to Secede from the United Nations

While there is no doubt we are part of a Global Economy, we are in no way a One World Government as the Communist One and his followers are working for. What is the real benefit, if any, to having the US be involved in the United Nations?

Before we examine that question, a brief glimpse needs to be reviewed on the UN’s failed predecessor – The League Of Nations. While not a Marvel Comic alliance, the League was comical in its influence, or lack thereof, on world political events. After World War I, The League was formed from the Treaty of Versailles in what to do with Germany. The Treaty was heavy-handed to Germany and many believe it led to World War II. The League of Nations, of which the US was a charter nation and one of the “Big Three” with Britain and France, was to be the peace keeping world body to ensure another massive world engagement would never happen again.

The Russian Revolution, Italy’s dissatisfaction with its place in The League, and the total evisceration of Germany in the Treaty doomed the League from the start. The conditions for the Treaty placed the League in a situation of carrying out massive penalties on Germany which included giving back land, keeping Germany’s military reduced, and collecting reparations for the War. In 1922 Germany defaulted on payment of monies or goods claiming that did not have the means to make the payment. League of Nation Members France and Belgium violated League rules and invaded the German Ruhr, Germany’s industrial zone. This violation of League Rule by Key Members set a tone that The League of Nations was a paper tiger at best. A year later, Italy claimed an attack on its men from Greece and convinced the League to fine Greece 50 million lire. A young Benito Mussolini led this effort and had other successes of undermining League Rules for Italian gains during this period. Is his rise to Chancellor, Adolph Hitler was able to use the failure of the The League of Nations and the harsh Treaty of Versailles to rally Germany to his side.

The League was toothless in enforcing resolutions or stopping aggression of nations in the 1930’s when World War II began. The League was fundamentally defunct, as its purpose was to prevent war and many of the Key Members in starting new aggressions that led to World War II. The League was a failure and dissolved at the end of World War II. The United Nations was formed in its place and inherited many of its agencies. The UN’s goals are international cooperation on international law and security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and to keep world peace. Sounds neat.

The UN partition of Palestine in 1947 re-created the state of Israel.  There is no doubt a great achievement in aid to Israel and democracy in the Middle East. However, we know the Arab League and other Arab groups condemned this action and thus started chaos in a region riddled with issues. Since this bold move, it would be hard to argue that the UN has done anything more than perhaps be a conduit for disaster relief aid.

Does the UN have any teeth to its actions at all. In short – no. Let’s examine a few key parts of the UN for validity to this charge. The UN Security Council is a solid place to examine failure. The US, Britain, France, Russia, and China are the 5 permanent members to this body. Hmm, let’s see…. Oh yeah – China backed North Korea in the Korean War and are still the Puppet Master for Pyongyang. Then there was this little skirmish in Vietnam where both Russia and China were at odds with the US. If memory serves, when Iraq invaded Kuwait those UN sanctions were laughed at by Saddam until US led and organized Coalition Forces moved him back. There were 17 Un resolutions against Saddam prior to the US invasion in 2003 that were never enforced and comical. How many UN resolutions have been passed against the nuclear issues in N Korea and Iran without action? Did the UN send forces after 9-11-01 as a means for “global peace” or were US Forces kicking ass? These are just a few examples of the futility of this organization’s ability to keep peace.

Has the UN helped 3rd world nations or disaster areas or does the US pony up the majority of dough for relief? Failure there. Who was the last country that can claim the UN helped develop their economy? None, so it’s a failure there too. Human Rights – do not get me started. This bozo organization have had some of the worlds worst criminals on their Human Rights Council. Just take a look at the Sudan as a reminder.  Oh – does anyone remember the boondoggle “Food For Oil” program that had the UN scamming billions of Iraqi oil? Just me I guess.

So, what’s left for the UN? Law & Security. Here is where they are trying to make a last-ditch effort at something and with this effort eliminate any sovereignty that the US has left. Secretary of State Billary Clinton and O’Communist have been trying their best to take our guns. They cannot get it done in with US law, so they are trying the good ole UN. The Arms Trade Treaty is nothing more than a global gun grab done under the guise of protecting against terrorism and is a load of bunk. While I am not a fan of everything the National Rifle Association does, their Exec VP Wayne LaPierre showed he had a great big set of brass ones with his speech.  Here is the link to the speech:  http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/Read.aspx?ID=6993.

Folks, the UN is not a functional organization for any of its purposes. If the rest of the world wants to keep this failure afloat – let them. It is time for America to take care of its own and when we are well and back on our feet, well be glad to come to the aid of the world. OR – if you want us to be the World Police then pay for the service, otherwise take a powder. The US will always come to the aid of the tired and downtrodden, even in our hard times. However, it is high time we quit wasting are time with this group of collective do-nothings and fix our nation and the world on our terms.

I hear France has cheap space for rent….