Time to shake up the National Rifle Association


August 10, 2010 | 10:04 PM

Time to shake up the National Rifle Association

Time to shake up the National Rifle Association

Today I read where US Congressmen Chet Edward (D-Waco) was endorsed by the National Rifle Association. The NRA had already gotten under my skin a few weeks back when they cut a deal for the DISCLOSE Act. They sold out the First Amendment when they cut that deal and I should have cancelled my membership then. Edwards is no more a conservative than Jeanie Garofalo and his two personas (DC Chet and District 17 Chet) have finally been exposed since Barry O took office.  To endorse Edwards over Republican Bill Flores is an outright insult. Edwards is the lap-dog of Nancy Pelosi and when the CD17 race is over and Flores wins, people will see the real damage Chet has done.

I have literally grown up with guns, as has most of America. I had my first bb-gun at 8 years old and .22 at 10 years. I was then and still remain now an avid hunter and sportsman regarding the use of guns. My current preferred handgun is my Glock .40 semi automatic and I have a host of other guns. Growing up, my granddad was a member of the NRA for most of my youth. The summer I was 11 I remember him being irate over something the NRA had done, because he tore up his membership card. While he would not say what it was over specifically, and not that it would have made much sense at 11, I do remember him saying the NRA had betrayed gun owners. I tucked that memory away.

I have never been big on joining organizations throughout my life and that is not always a good thing. Like most of conservative America, I have never felt threatened about my freedoms until that nimrod Obama came into power. When he did, I started re-thinking joining certain organizations to stay informed and help keep people out there protecting my interests. The NRA was an organiztion I had never joined. Not that I did not support what they stood for, I had just never thought about it. When Obama and the rest of his Marxist crew came in, suddenly I was reviewing the NRA charter. I also started looking into who they endorsed politically and began to understand what my granddad had said so many years ago. Without citing specific names, I found out the NRA was endorsing Democrats who had less than stellar 2nd Amendment track records and rhetoric. I swallowed some castor oil and sent in my membership.

I cannot begin to explain the anger over the NRA sellout on the DISCLOSE Act and I darned near tore up the card then. Now that slime bag Edwards gets their endorsements as well as Democrat Reps Travis Childers of Mississippi and Rick Boucher of Virginia. There is even talk of an endorsement for that dirtbag Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.

I understand the PAC game – keep everyone happy and hedge your bets. The NRA plays this game of endorsing scum in hopes of pro-gun votes in the future. I get that. What the NRA does not get is that liberal who may give them a pro-gun vote may also support other legislation that not only can outweigh the pro-gun vote, but their very existence in office is a threat to all freedoms. I realize no candidate is perfect on all conservative issues, but if they cannot pass the test on the conservative agenda (lower taxes, less government, strict interpretation of the US Constitution, capitalism, & protecting the unborn are baseline targets) at least 90 % of the time, then DO NOT SUPPORT OR ENDORSE THEM!

Today on the NRA website, Executive VP Wayne La Pierre blasts the Senate on the confirmation of Elena Kagan. He also references the recent appointment of Sonia Sotomayor and how both these women are a threat the 2nd Amendment. While he is right about the threat, the real question is – how many Senate Dems voted these two commies in that the NRA has supported in the past? The answer would anger you. So has the NRA created its own monster in hedging its bets? You bet your sweet behind they have. It is time for tough love with the NRA much in tune as what is happening with the Republican National Committee. The RNC is starving for money and donors are saying “nada till you enforce the platform” and donating to individuals. Same thing needs to happen to the NRA – members need to stop renewing and send a written response of why to the NRA. If a large chunk non-renews that will get their attention.

Gunowners of America (www.gunowners.org) does a good job on who they support. I will be joining their outfit and I suggest you do too.