To Shut Down or Not Shut Down – That is The Question


April 8, 2011 | 5:54 PM

To Shut Down or Not Shut Down – That is The Question

Since the 111th Congress chose to punt last year on placing a budget for the government to operate under, the budget has fallen in the lap of the new Republican controlled House. We all know the wrangling going on back and forth between the House and the Democratically controlled Senate, while Barry the bozo cheers for a resolution that makes him look good.

The way I see it, there are certain aspects of the government that I feel are essential and the rest are for debate. Here are departments the government considers “basic” (my essential one emphasized) and what has been researched on the impact of a shutdown:

The US Military – Essential
According to published reports, the House passed a measure to fund the military through the end of the year. While Barry has threatened to veto it because of some tie in legislation, even he is not that stupid. Eight months are plenty of time to hammer out a budget.

Social Security Recipients – Essential
Like it or not, we have a committment here to fulfill until this leviathan can be overhauled. According to “Checks for seniors, those with disabilities, and survivors would go out as usual…” in the event of a shutdown.

Veterans Administration – Essential
It remains open since it is funded in advance. Taking care of those who have sacrificed for us.

Air Traffic Control – Essential
Exempt from shutdowns. Ever flown without one?

Homeland Security
Critical functions like border control will continue according to the site. OK – going to have to hold off this big belly laugh coming.

Gets shut down. Hmmmmmmmmmm

The US Small Business Administration
Shut down. Considering they are doing nothing for the small business sector anyway, we save the money from their ineffectiveness.

Would have to shut down. Golly gee! You mean all those wonderful approvals they are giving now would stop? See above.

Retired Vets – Essential
You get the shaft. First bummer to this.

Government Contractors
According to the site, “it depends”. Chances are likely you are screwed as well.

POTUS & Congress
Yes and this is the one group that should not be paid at all during this to feel some pain on this issue.

So, overall a lot still goes on and gets paid in a shut down. To me, other than NASA, this is more than enough. The reports of 800000 “non-essential” personnel getting furloughed begs the question – if you are not essential, then are you fat in the system? So I say shut it down and work out the math.

Better yet – the items being funded are all that need funding and say bye-bye to the rest. We can debate on whether that is too extreme or not, but we need to cut a whole lot of fat out of the budget.

Why a shutdown will not occur.
Hate to say this,but the Republican leaders are afraid of it. They look back at the 1995 shutdown and see that as the resurrection of Bill Clinton after waxing his butt in the 94 mid terms. What they are not seeing is the huge difference in then and now – Clinton was not spending us into the grave like Obama and the Conservative Awakening then had petered out. Not this time around. If the House does not go to the matt on this – they will be replaced in 2012!

I am sure an 11th hour “agreement” will be struck. 

We will see who blinks fairly quick.

Then its on to the next crisis in this political odyssey we now call Obamanation.